Webinar: Building an Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure as a Service

Watch now the webinar “Building an Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure as a Service”, organized by StorPool Storage, Krystal and Katapult. Learn from industry experts how to build a high-performance, scalable and efficient software-defined IaaS.

During this webinar, Simon Blackler, CEO of Krystal and Alex Easter, CTO of Krystal shared the success story of building Katapult — Virtual IaaS platform based on new-age technologies and software-defined storage.

Alexander Ivanov, Product Manager of StorPool presented the core competencies for a modern data management solution. He shared an overview of the continuous improvement of StorPool Storage during the last year. In addition, he talked about the ways to benchmark the performance of your cloud with the hyperscale cloud services providers.

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StorPool Storage is a leading SDS provider that develops the fastest software-defined block storage on the market. Its enterprise solution is used by public and private cloud builders, enterprises, MSPs, SaaS, hosting and cloud providers. It comes as software, plus a fully-managed data storage service that transforms commodity hardware into a fast, highly available and scalable shared-storage system.