WEBINAR: How to migrate to a new-age IT stack with KVM

May 12th, 3PM GMT/5PM CET

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The business environment today requires any company to invest heavily in modern, new-age IT. Legacy & traditional hardware and software stacks are commoditized and run as software, primarily on open-source virtualization platforms such as KVM and containers/Kubernetes.

Switching from a traditional hypervisor to KVM is one of the crucial steps for successfully converting to new-age IT and preparing your infrastructure for the challenges of tomorrow.

In this webinar we will show you how to migrate your VMs to a new-age IT stack with KVM step-by-step with no interruptions and minimum downtime. Learn how to achieve a simple and working migration, which guarantees proven migration by following the advice in the webinar!

May 12th, 2020


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Speaker: Venko Moyankov, Solutions Architect, StorPool

Venko Moyankov is an experienced system administrator and solutions architect at StorPool storage. He has experience with managing large virtualizations, working in telcos, designing and supporting the infrastructure of large enterprises. In addition Venko has implemented various cloud management systems and helping numerous companies in building their own clouds. In the last year his focus has been helping companies globally to build the best storage solution according to their needs and projects.

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