StorPool Storage for
VMware virtualization

Customers leveraging StorPool storage and VMware virtualization enjoy the benefits of blazing fast, scale-out and highly available cloud infrastructure.
StorPool is fully compatible with your VMware hypervisor by using the iSCSI protocol.

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VMware support, through iSCSI

StorPool can be used to provide highly-available shared storage to VMware environments.

StorPool has developed an iSCSI target especially for this purpose. It extends the standard iSCSI protocol, adding high availability (HA), scalability (scale-out) and increased performance through running multiple iSCSI sessions in the cluster.

This provides a faster, more reliable and cost-efficient storage alternative compared to a traditional iSCSI SAN or all-flash array to any VMware powered cloud.

StorPool’s Advantages

Using StorPool instead of a standard iSCSI SAN for VMware environments has multiple advantages:

  • High Availability: StorPool’s iSCSI implementation is HA – the iSCSI target provides automatic fail-over in case of hardware failure, switching to a redundant target and ensuring business continuity.
  • Scale-out: add iSCSI connections to scale seamlessly and also increase performance with each new connection.
  • Performance: StorPool systems offer unbeatable IOPS and latency metrics even in iSCSI implementations.
  • Multi-stack support: Whether you are looking to reduce vendor lock-in or you need a single solution to power multi-cloud environments, StorPool can help you achieve it.

Why companies choose StorPool over other VMware storage alternatives?

Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Outstanding product quality and amazing support
  • Advanced feature set
  • Scalability: StorPool starts at three storage servers and 10 TB usable, and can seamlessly grow to petabytes
  • Flexibility of deployment and data tiering options (SSD/hybrid, all SSD, HDD only)
  • Solving performance issues
  • Cost reduction or price/performance optimization
  • Reducing vendor lock-in
  • Platform consolidation and mobility: a single storage solution for multiple IT stacks including VMware, KVM, OpenStack, containers, etc., all from a single storage platform