Block-Level Storage for Public Clouds and Service Providers

It is a well-known fact that profit margins in the service provider industry are being continually squeezed. This is why cloud builders and service providers are constantly searching for higher efficiency and a greater return on investment (ROI). StorPool customers are looking for a way to optimize all aspects of their storage requirements, as it is a crucial element of their service. They look for cost effective, high performance storage, which is also extremely flexible, scalable, ideally available on a pay as you grow basis and which can scale out as their business grows, but without the traditional large upfront CAPEX investment. Read more

Block Level Storage for Private Clouds

In today’s world, every company, regardless of the product or service they provide, is under increasing pressure to optimize their complex IT infrastructure. Creating or expanding their private/hybrid cloud is often on top of the IT agenda. However, there are various challenges to address when building either a hybrid or private cloud, and the storage component of the overall IT infrastructure is still by far the most expensive and difficult part of the solution to manage and scale. Read more

Block Level Storage for IT Companies (DevOps)

IT companies have specific storage requirements, and speed, simplicity and flexibility are usually the top priorities for their operations. The cases vary from DevOps, storage for test / dev / production environments, through heavy databases, to storing user data and real time big-data analytics. Read more

Block Storage for Other Use Cases

Although less frequent than those above, there is a demand for StorPool in a variety of other use cases, including VDI, mySQL, Oracle databases, video editing and others. StorPool can be an excellent fit for these applications, as long as they require block storage. As the variety and demands of these cases are so varied, we invite you to contact us directly, to discuss your specific case in detail.