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StorPool Storage is a leading global distributed block storage provider. Recognized for its capabilities and expertise in building high-performance data storage solutions, StorPool is the best block storage solution when building public and private clouds.

We are a team who turned an “impossible” idea into reality. Our team has developed a number of new businesses and state-of-the-art software and IT-infrastructure technologies, which push the limits of what is possible to new frontiers. Our Mission is to make storage simpler and more affordable by delivering the best distributed storage system for companies building clouds.

StorPool’s block-level, distributed storage software is designed from the ground up and is arguably the fastest and most efficient software-defined storage solution on the market today. It replaces traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA) or other less-efficient storage software products. StorPool leverages standard servers to build a fast, scalable and reliable shared storage system.

Led by technology experts, StorPool’s mission is to help cloud builders to build simpler, smarter, more efficient clouds, at lower costs and boost their margins. We deliver on our mission by developing the fastest and most efficient distributed storage software and making it available globally.

“We believe that the best data center design should deliver exceptional performance and reliability. It should be automated, scalable, should support multiple software stacks. Most importantly it should use standard hardware of any vendor and thus have more flexibility. This is StorPool’s definition of New-Age IT. And New-age storage solutions are key in this design. This is what drives the shift from legacy storage boxes to best-in-class storage software.”

Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool Storage

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A storage solution made with passion

It was 2011, way before buzz-words such as “software defined storage/datacenter” were coined. Back then we kept receiving feedback from the market along the lines of “storage is our biggest problem. It is too complex, too expensive and very difficult to scale”. This kept on repeating, so one day, after the N-th customer meeting we rushed to the office, took a blank sheet of paper and sketched the perfect storage solution for the 21st century (the Cloud Era).

Our Vision is: all data storage should run on multitude of standard servers (distributed), controlled by intelligent storage software. Distributed storage is technically and economically the best way to build data storage and is therefore How Storage Should Be (the Future).

When we started StorPool people told us that we stood no chance and we will fold in up to 6 months. 10+ years later, StorPool is one of the few cash-flow positive storage vendors in the world and has triple digit growth.

What our customers say about us

“We always aim to pick the right partners to build our solutions on, and StorPool has demonstrated their excellence to date.
StorPool is a rare combination of great technology and a willing and very able support team!”

Ed Butler, CEO of Amito

“StorPool is a revolutionary concept in the storage market. Existing software SANs are not keeping up with the shift to all flash storage. Being able to have much of the functionality and performance of higher priced solutions such as SolidFire for white box pricing is phenomenal.”

MATT AYRES, CEO, Togglebox

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Sequoia Capital


Serial Entrepreneur
NetGovern, IPRO


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ex-Uber, SkyScanner


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Equinix Bulgaria


Telerik, Campus X

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