StorPool is the best storage solution when building public and private clouds. With StorPool we build simpler, smarter, more efficient clouds, at much lower costs

StorPool – How Storage Should Be!

Storage Solution Made With Passion

StorPool was started in the very end of 2011 out of a white paper to make storage simpler yet more effective and affordable – exactly how storage should be!

Our block-level, distributed storage software was designed from the ground up and is arguably the fastest and most efficient software-defined storage solution on the market today. It replaces traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA) or other less-efficient storage software products. StorPool relies on standard servers to build a fast, scalable and reliable shared storage system. It is highly flexible and can be deployed in both converged setups (on compute nodes, alongside VMs and applications) or on separate storage nodes.

Our mission is to help cloud builders to build simpler, smarter, more efficient clouds, at much lower costs and double their margins. We deliver on our mission by developing the fastest and most efficient distributed storage software and making it available on a global scale.

“StorPool is a revolutionary concept in the storage market. Being able to have much of the functionality and performance of higher priced solutions such as SolidFire for white box pricing is phenomenal.” – MATT AYRES, CEO, Togglebox

We are a team who turns “impossible” ideas into reality with a track record of developing new businesses and state of the art technologies that push the limits of performance and efficiency to new frontiers.

In late 2011, way before buzz-words such as “software defined storage/datacenter” were coined, we kept receiving feedback from the market along the lines of “storage is our biggest problem, it is too complex, too expensive and very difficult to scale”. This kept on happening, so one day we came back to the office and took a completely blank sheet of paper and designed how a storage solution should look like in the 21st century. That is the origin of how we created the best block-storage software available on the market today and assembled an outstanding team to work with. The overall result is StorPool.

“We have never had a partner like StorPool before. The team helped us tune the servers to get more performance even though it was not their responsibility. We are also very happy with their 24/7 support services.” – NGHIA THAN, CEO & Founder at

If you would like to learn more or be part of our journey, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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“StorPool is at the forefront of rethinking the datacenter architecture. The world’s ever-increasing appetite for data has rendered the old scale up storage architectures obsolete, and requires new approaches that can provide orders of magnitude lower TCO, while also simplifying storage operations. The StorPool team has created an avant-garde distributed storage solution that transforms the storage economics for services providers and organizations operating at internet scale.”BOGOMIL BALKANSKY, Vice President at Google / bebop and a StorPool Board Member (USA)