StorPool Storage v19.2 – A Shift to Rapid Continuous Improvement

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StorPool overhauled the approach to updating StorPool Storage – the fastest and most reliable block storage software on the market – during the past year.  We have introduced a continuous improvement process that allows us to build, test, release, and deploy new versions of the software at short time intervals. We take the latest builds of the software through a …

StorPool's New Release 18.02

StorPool’s New 18.02 Release – 30% lower latency, Kubernetes integration, support for hyperscale datacenter networks and ARM/Power architectures

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StorPool Storage – the leading software-defined storage provider for private cloud and public cloud builders is pleased to announce StorPool’s new release – 18.02. The new version of the fast distributed block storage incorporates industry-leading capabilities into the solution providing everything needed to ensure efficient, reliable and scalable storage solution for your business. The distributed storage software, developed by StorPool …