StorPool Storage v19.2 – A Shift to Rapid Continuous Improvement

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StorPool becomes the first storage vendor in the world to deliver storage software in a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery & Deployment) manner.  With our latest release, we introduce the Continuous Improvement process that allows us to build, test, release, and deploy new versions of the software at short time intervals, which is also known as CI/CD. We take the latest …

StorPool's New Release 18.02

StorPool’s New 18.02 Release – 30% lower latency, Kubernetes integration, support for hyperscale datacenter networks and ARM/Power architectures

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StorPool Storage – the leading software-defined storage provider for private cloud and public cloud builders is pleased to announce StorPool’s new release – 18.02. The new version of the fast distributed block storage incorporates industry-leading capabilities into the solution providing everything needed to ensure efficient, reliable and scalable storage solution for your business. The distributed storage software, developed by StorPool …