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“Data Driven Talk” podcast with guest Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool

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On March 2nd Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-founder of StorPool Strage was invited as a  guest on the podcast “Data Driver Talk” with Enrico Signoretti. About the podcast “Data Driver Talk” is the place where you can hear users, industry experts, and other enterprise IT community members talk about all the new technologies and trends in the data and data storage world. Host …

hybrid storage solutions

Performance Comparison: StorPool “SSD-Hybrid” vs. “All-SSD” system

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What are the differences between hybrid storage solutions “SSD-Hybrid” vs. “All-SSD”? Minor in terms of performance. StorPool has a unique way of building hybrid storage solutions. It is called StorPool “SSD-Hybrid”, which keeps 1 copy of data on SSD and 2 redundant copies of data on HDDs. I.e. for each 1 TB raw on SSD we the StorPool SSD-Hybrid uses …