Storage predictions 2018

IT Infrastructure Trends and Storage Predictions for 2018 – what is coming and how to be prepared

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2017 was a turbulent year for IT, but this is business as usual now. 2018 promises to be even more turbulent, with increasing levels of consolidation, regulation and global competition. No matter whether you strive to be at the bleeding edge of IT or not, our storage predictions 2018 and IT infrastructure trends are a good starting point to get …


New study: 63% of organizations will adopt distributed storage (SDS) by 2018

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The rising popularity of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and its advanced implementation known as “distributed storage” (DS) is making more companies to consider it as a real alternative of the traditional storage. We all are familiar with the expensive traditional SANs and the dedicated storage-only boxes and all-flash arrays. But is there a way in which by adopting innovation, you can …