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Architecting IT: StorPool Review Connectivity & Scripting

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For StorPool, it’s a never-ending mission to provide the best software-defined block storage on the market. We are really excited to be featured on Architecting IT. In this series of posts, you’ll learn more about StorPool’s technology, with a hands-on and in-depth look at how the distributed storage architecture works, how it performs, and how it integrates into an on-premises …

StorPool’s New Release v19 – What’s new with the leading block storage?

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StorPool version 19 (v19) has been released. The new version has numerous improvements and makes the leading block storage SDS even better. Notable features of the new version are large scale deployments, added Windows CSV support, lower latency for NVMe storage and improved Kubernetes bare-metal support. New Features Multi-Cluster Support – larger-scale deployments (10 PB and up) in the same …