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Build an Efficient, Scalable Cloud with StorPool and Intel

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“Chip Chat Conversations in the Cloud” is Intel’s weekly podcast with IT leaders, driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure based data center. Earlier this week aired the latest episode with Boyan Ivanov, CEO and Co-Founder of StorPool. In the converstation you can hear the story behind StorPool from one of its co-founders himself. It all started in 2011 with …

Power-up your cloud with insanely fast distributed storage

StorPool and Intel Joint Webinar: Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage

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A joint webinar by StorPool and Intel took place on September 27th, on the topic “Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage”. StorPool’s CEO, Boyan Ivanov took the mic to share insights about building storage solutions, which have profound positive impact for companies which build or run clouds. How to build a better cloud? The key element to building a better cloud …

StorPool and Intel Solution Brief

Intel and StorPool – Extremely Fast Distributed Storage for Cloud Service Providers

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StorPool’s all-flash software-defined  storage solution, powered by Intel technologies achieved 468,000 IOPS, 3.5 GB/s and delivered up to 8.7 TB of usable storage at sub-millisecond latencies! All showcased in the latest Intel and StorPool solution brief! Intel and StorPool Solution Brief Intel technologies—including Intel Xeon processor E3 and E5 families, Intel Solid State Drive Data Center (Intel SSD DC) family …