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Get the Competitive Edge with Data Storage Designed for Modern IT Infrastructure

Challenge & Opportunity: Traditional Data Storage has become its own dark cloud for IT Teams when it comes to the day-to-day challenges they are faced with today. From keeping systems online 24/7 to delivering fast, reliable seamless experiences to the end customer.

Operations and development teams are spread thin between taking on storage related problems, developing their main cloud services and helping make them successful. The level of agility, reliability, and performance makes the difference when aiming to deliver high-quality services to customers with fast-changing needs in multiple locations around the world.

The Modern Approach: Today’s IT needs a storage system that delivers peace of mind knowing the system just works, automation to reduce the workload on the team, and simplified monitoring. The right data storage system can mean the difference between surviving and ensuring customers are receiving the experience they demand.

The StorPool Storage platform combined with HPE are exceeding the demands of modern IT Teams. The combined technologies remove old limitations and increase flexibility, enabling faster responses to market dynamics.

Key Benefits

Flexible, Reliable, Fast
API-Based Automation

The Right Combination of Software + Hardware + Service

StorPool and HPE provide a solution that comes with a comprehensive service wrapping – the two companies design, deploy, tune, monitor, and maintain each StorPool storage system using right-sized servers that fit the requirements of the most demanding modern IT teams.

Customers can buy, lease, or rent the servers and network equipment they prefer to work with, prepare the base operating system, provide access to us and we ensure they have a working storage solution.

The solution does not have hidden fees since StorPool only bills customers for the data saved in their storage systems, excluding redundancy and system overhead, converting storage from a fixed overhead to a variable cost that follows actual consumption.

HPE Hardware

The solution is optimized for HPE Proliant DL325, Proliant DL380, HPE Alletra 4000 Series servers. As shown in the table, HPE Proliant DL325 servers equipped with 10 read-intensive NVMe SSDs per server are recommended as the optimal configuration:

Optimized for the parallel multi-node, shared-nothing architecture of StorPool Storage.

Enables the fastest recovery times with the least impact on end-user workloads.

Provides the smallest possible blast radius.

Optimized for high-performance erasure coding that increases data efficiency by 140% for systems with 11 servers or more, reducing hardware cost per TB usable by 50%.

Reliable, Agile, Fast Data Storage

About HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the largest technology companies in the world. HPE Storage is widely recognized as a storage industry leader with a flexible array of products. The storage portfolio is deeply integrated with our rich ISV ecosystem of partner products to deliver enhanced, end-to-end storage, data availability, and protection and retention offerings to meet customer needs. The storage portfolio is tested with a documented set of best practices and test plans – for rapid and worry-free deployment.

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