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Hi there,

Maybe you are searching for the distributed storage specialist StorPool, but you thought it’s spelled as StorePool. We develop block-storage software for building fast, scalable and reliable public and private clouds. Our software-defined storage solution (excuse the buzzwords) is the fastest (IOPS, MB/s and latency) and the most efficient (CPU & RAM usage) solution on the market.

The idea about the company came to us after talking to many, many companies which were struggling with traditional SAN or all-flash storage arrays when building their clouds. These arrays were very expensive, complex and hard to scale.

We believed that the storage solution of the 21-st century should be software based. This storage software should be using standard drives, distributed across many standard servers and should be pooling the capacity and performance of all these drives into one shared storage pool. Thus we named the company StorPool – a combination of the words store pool and a slight variation of the “StorePool” spelling, to give it some distinct flavor.

Apparently, StorPool means “Large Pool” in Swedish, which is fine with us. 🙂 So Large Pool, StorPool or StorePool – do have a look at our home page if this is what you were looking for.

You are welcome here.

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