Build a Blazingly Fast and
Reliable Public Cloud

With StorPool Storage all public cloud providers get а cost-efficient all-flash performance! The performance of the storage systems for public cloud start from 500 000+ IOPS and 0.2 ms of latency!

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“We’re very excited to have selected StorPool as the storage foundation for our cloud automation platform. From initial engagement to go-live the team at StorPool has been there every step of the way resulting in a very successful implementation.” – CHRIS WIEGMAN, CEO at GroupOne, IT for Everyone (USA)

“StorPool has helped us to provide a better service for our customers. As our demands grew, and as our customers’ expectations increased, our existing primary storage solution simply couldn’t cope. Now we’re confident that we’ll be able to rise to any storage challenge we face.” – PAUL DAVIES, Technical director, Coreix (UK)

The benefits of building a Public Cloud with StorPool software-defined storage

Faster cloud and applications

Increased business agility

Increased profit margins

No vendor

Scale-out system

No single point of failure

Competitive advantages when building a software-defined public cloud or VPS service

As a cloud hosting provider you need to constantly compete with local and global cloud players. Building a public cloud architecture with software-defined distributed storage is the only way to stay competitive in this environment.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    StorPool is the perfect choice for reliable storage for any public cloud. It uses a replication mechanism that stores copies of the data on different physical servers. This protects against drive, server, or other hardware components failure. In case of a failure the system uses another copy of the data, located on an unaffected server and none of the data is lost or even temporarily unavailable.

  • High Performance

    StorPool is a high performance storage solution. It combines the IOPS performance of all drives in the cluster and optimize drive access patterns to provide low latency and to handle storage usage bursts. The load is distributed equally between all servers.

  • Commodity Hardware usage

    StorPool supports drives and servers in a vendor-agnostic manner, allowing you to avoid vendor lock-in. This allows the use of inexpensive commodity hardware, while preserving reliability and performance requirements. You can mix drives and servers of various types and make in a StorPool cluster.

  • Scale-out Storage System

    With StorPool you have scale-out SDS. Your block storage will scale seamlessly by IOPS, storage capacity and bandwidth. It can grow online, without interruption and in small steps – one drive, one server and one network interface at a time. StorPool systems start at 10 TB usable and can grow online in the PB range.

  • The Only Fully Managed Storage Solution

    StorPool is a fully managed solution – we manage the storage system, so that you can focus on your core business. StorPool comes with a reliable dedicated support: remote installation and initial configuration by StorPool’s specialists; 24x7x365 enterprise-grade support with SLA; software updates, proactive monitoring. We are always there to make sure your cloud is up and running.

  • Safest Storage System For Your Data

    StorPool has the most extensive end-to-end data integrity feature on the market. We calculate a checksum right at the client and we store it with the data. This is better protection compared to other systems (e.g. storage RAID).

  • No Single Point of Failure

    StorPool is highly available storage, due to its fully distributed storage architecture and no single points of failure. Every component is redundant. We ensure highest amount of up-time possible, by providing triple replication, so that your service is always up and running.

  • High resource utilization (Efficiency, Space & Cost Savings)

    The StorPool system is designed to deliver extremely resource efficient storage for your cloud. With it sophisticated saving features (Thin provisioning, Zeroes detection, TRIM/Discard) it saves on compute, networking and storage hardware, in order to deliver the best price/IOPS performance ratio, on a total solution cost basis.

StorPool is integrated or supports your cloud management platform

StorPool block storage for Public clouds builds the fastest and most efficient clouds. Accelerate your customers’ applications and increase your revenue with StorPool!