StorPool Storage – Agile Storage Platform for Managed Services Providers

The ideal foundation for cloud infrastructure serving the primary workloads of SMBs and Enterprises.

Storage for Managed Services Providers

Reliable data storage

Ultra-fast and reliable data storage platform for the leading MSP. Ensure an efficient and scalable storage platform for the demanding workloads of your customers. Get a strong market differentiator, decrease the costs for hardware, software and operations, and win the battle with hyperscalers.

Get an utterly hands-off data storage by upgrading your technology stack with future proof software-defined storage. StorPool empowers modern MSPs to increase the Customer Lifetime Value, eliminate costly downtime on refresh cycles and vendor dependencies. Simplify the storage management, and free your IT experts to focus on service innovations.

Advantages of Implementing SDS for Managed Service Providers

StorPool Delivers Proven Solutions for the Pains of Modern MSPs. Your customers trust you for their most valuable assets – their applications and their data. Ensure you deliver on your promises by providing them the fastest and most reliable data storage platform for demanding workloads. Competing with hyperscalers is a challenging task, for which you need a powerful technology and a world-class team. StorPool’s data storage platform brings the right tools to help you stay on the forefront.
Differentiate from Competitors and Hyperscalers. StorPool delivers an approach for aligned cooperation with MSPs. We build solutions, tailored to your business strategy and provide you with a strong market differentiator to win the battle with your competitors and hyperscalers.
Overcome the Shrinking Profit Margins. Traditional enterprise technology is familiar and convenient but increasingly low-margin. It requires maintenance downtime and can breach your Service Level Agreement terms. StorPool eliminates downtime on upgrades and delivers a pricing model designed for competitive, opex-based use cases.
Eliminate Complexity. Our seasoned storage experts handle the architecting, deployment, tuning, monitoring, and maintenance of your StorPool-powered storage systems. As a result, your users experience a fast and reliable service, while the IT experts in your team can finally focus on higher-order projects and tasks that aim to grow your business.
Deliver a Complete Offering. With StorPool, you can cover multiple storage performance tiers and use cases, so you can deliver solutions that meet the needs and budgets of your customers. It integrates seamlessly with your technology stack and cloud management system and comes as a fully managed solution.

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Case Study: Dustin Group replaces VMware and Hyper-V with a New-Age IT Stack

“Dustin has stable growth and we regularly add new customers to our platform. It is hard to predict exactly how much capacity you will need at any moment. We want to be as close as possible to fill in the resources and utilise them efficiently. There is quite a lot of smartness built-in in StorPool in terms of utilising the capacity. 

We are very pleased with the engagement with StorPool and their ability to meet our special needs. In addition to the unique data storage solution, they provide us with first-class support with which we are very happy.”

Dan Mårtensson, Product Manager Infrastructure and Cloud-services at Dustin Group

StorPool – The Data Storage Platform of Leading MSPs

Your data is always on and available. Ensure durability, performance and flexibility. Tech of the future, delivered today.

StorPool Storage is an agile storage platform for large-scale cloud infrastructure. It enables you to deploy and grow fast, reliable, and cost effective cloud infrastructure that rivals the hyperscalers and delights your customers. Bring your data home using the technologies you need, and pay as you grow – with no fixed term commitments.


Webinar: Migrating from VMware and Hyper-V to a New-Age IT stack with KVM

Dustin Group, one of the leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) companies in Europe presents how they elevated their cloud by implementing StorPool’s storage platform for MSPs. To meet the changing needs of customers, Dustin needed to have a highly efficient cloud platform. However, over time they had acquired multiple IT platforms that had become too large, complex, and expensive to manage efficiently. The company consolidated its various hardware and software platforms into a standardised cloud platform powered by StorPool.

Watch the Webinar
Dan Mårtensson, Product Manager Infra&Cloud-services at Dustin

Dan Mårtensson, Product Manager Infra&Cloud-services at Dustin

Jesper Hassing, Systems Consultant at Dustin

Jesper Hassing, Systems Consultant at Dustin

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