Scalable and Efficient Cloud Platform
for Streamlined Operations and Increased Storage Flexibility

Manage multiple IT platforms efficiently:

Increase competitiveness, and eliminate vendor lock-in

Improve service quality while keeping low capital expenditures

Optimize operating expenses, and rely on fewer internal IT operations experts

Powerful, scalable, API-driven, and efficient cloud platform easy to deploy across data centers:

Consolidate various hardware and software platforms: into a New-Age standardized cloud platform that serves all their business units and customers.
Streamline operating expenses: Eliminate IT management overhead, while simultaneously providing superior performance and service quality.
Implement new technologies: Remove old limitations and increase the flexibility of their platform, enabling faster responses to market dynamics.

How Dustin met the changing needs of customers, with a highly efficient cloud platform.

“It is hard to predict exactly how much capacity you will need at any moment. We want to be as close as possible to fill in the resources and utilize them efficiently. There is quite a lot of smartness built-in with StorPool in terms of capacity utilization.”

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