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1. Advanced tool to calculate your cloud ROI based on your pricing model and service offering.
2. Information on how to achieve 242% ROI on your cloud.
3. How to reduce support time and costs with high-availability.
4. How to get a real competitive advantage against “Big players”.

Don’t gamble when choosing storage for your new cloud. Calculate ROI!

Solid ROI (Return On Investment) is a significant competitive advantage for any company. And high ROI is one of the most important parameters of a successful cloud project.
Reference design for building hyper-efficient cloud infrastructure – Calculate your Cloud ROI

We developed and helped implement this reference architecture for a number of our customers. It delivers standard VMs [1] at cost of $5.8/month [2]. Same size VMs are sold by hyper-scale giants like 1&1, Aruba Cloud, Liquidweb, Namecheap and Rackspace for an average market price of $39/month. This makes your cloud ROI (Return On Investment) equal to 582% over 36 months or a solid 194% per year at market prices.

Now anyone can build fast, reliable and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

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