StorPool Storage Powering Proxmox Virtual Environments

Ultra-Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Block Storage as a Service for Proxmox Environments

Many businesses leverage Proxmox VE, the open-source server management platform for enterprise virtualization. It tightly integrates with the KVM hypervisor, Linux Containers (LXC), soſtware-defined storage (SDS), and networking functionality all on a single platform. Proxmox is a web-based user interface management platform that enables management of VMs and containers, high availability for clusters, and integration of disaster recovery (DR) tools with ease.

Software Defined Storage Built for Modern IT

Proxmox supports several storage solutions with a range of capabilities. However, with the addition of StorPool Storage, an ultra-fast and effortless block storage platform, Proxmox users can:

Simplify Operations – Reduce the time required for operational tasks, which results in faster introduction of new services and innovation, and easier employee onboarding and training.
Reduce Outages – Eliminate outages caused by hardware failure and human errors during tedious manual tasks and protect systems from downtime and loss of data.
Have an Always-On Environment – Non-disruptively deploy soſtware updates, patches and hardware swap-outs so that IT can focus on real business at hand.
Reduce Vendor Lock-in – Deploy, upgrade and grow an environment by using cost-efficient commodity hardware.
Experience End-to-End Automation – Native integration for seamless management of your virtual infrastructure from the Proxmox user interface.
Solve Staff Bottlenecks  – By having a Fully managed Storage as a service StorPool will manage the tedious work of deploying, managing and updating storage, so customer teams can focus on their core business and do more with less.

The Proxmox plus StorPool Advantage

Proxmox VE administrators want to manage their virtualization environment with a single set of workflows from a single interface. Whether they use the Proxmox GUI, command-line tools, or custom scripts, they need to be able to manage their core daily tasks of deploying and managing virtual machines without jumping back and forth between different management tools or command lines with different variables and keywords.

StorPool’s integration with Proxmox allows the administrator to manage ISO images, create and start virtual machines, resize VMs and their virtual disks, migrate VMs from server to server or from one storage tier to another, and create snapshots, clones, and templates, all without leaving the Proxmox management GUI.

StorPool is efficiently integrated with Proxmox VE and is provided as a fully managed solution, deployed on commodity servers, monitored and maintained by the expert SRE team at StorPool.

StorPool sets the standard for reliability, blazing performance, and truly extraordinary support. While Proxmox is a really configurable, stable and well supported cloud management system we wanted to keep using the outstanding StorPool storage platform. StorPool offered us not only a deep integration between Proxmox and the storage system, but also a clear, easy and very well supported migration path to Proxmox from our previous solution. The combination of these two solutions LITERALLY helps our crew sleep better at night.

Johan Kooijman, CEO at

StorPool Storage Seamless Integration with
Promox VE

StorPool Storage with Proxmox VE offers several advantages for virtual environments. StorPool’s ultra-fast performance brings out the best in critical transactional applications while using the same storage backend as programs requiring less performance. 

It ensures high availability with non-disruptive operations, eliminating the need for scheduled downtime and preventing financial losses caused by breaches in Service Level Agreements during traditionally risky procedures that are made completely safe with the StorPool architecture. 

And StorPool’s Proxmox integration brings end-to-end automation allowing IT teams to focus on strategic projects rather than managing individual components.

“Proxmox is a visible player in the open-source virtualization management platform world, and with the seamless integration of StorPool Storage with Proxmox VE, IT teams receive cascading levels of benefits that make their lives easier. From data storage as code, to eliminating the need for scheduled downtime to the insurance of SLAs, through its STaaS delivery – this integration fortifies the advantages of Proxmox while minimizing the risks and headaches of managing data storage.”

Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage

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