StorPool’s Newest Version Resolves The Top 3 Challenges of Large-Scale Data Center Storage

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Dec. 17, 2019 – StorPool, the leader in high-performance block storage for demanding clouds, recently announced its new release – StorPool v19. The distributed storage vendor caters to the needs of enterprises with distributed deployments in several data centers and to companies, which manage large-scale environments. Notable features in StorPool v19 are multi-stack deployments support, lower latency for NVMe storage, and improved bare-metal Kubernetes support. 

The updated software-defined storage solution brings better hardware resource utilization, scalability in the multi-PB range, and eliminates vendor lock-in.

Companies, managing large-scale deployments have different needs and complexity. The top challenges identified by a number of them are:

  • Improving unified management and utilization
  • Managing hardware end of life and refresh cycles
  • Reducing infrastructure costs and TCO

StorPool’s software-defined storage solution is solving these challenges. StorPool’s v19 adds multi-cluster support for larger-scale deployments from 10 PB to hundreds of PBs in the same datacenter. It provides the ability to scale storage systems in one physical location by creating a cluster of clusters and moving volumes between them. 

Another high-value feature from StorPool v19 is the multi-stack support. Large companies need the freedom to manage multiple IT stacks with mixed workloads. StorPool’s multi-stack support allows one storage system to provide shared storage to multiple IT stacks – Windows, VMware, KVM, Kubernetes (K8S), bare metal, and more. StorPool’s customers can now shift workloads between several IT stacks.

“When building a datacenter, companies often have a hard time choosing which technologies to utilize. Imagine a Software-Defined Datacenter project, which needs to be fast, reliable, flexible and future proof, to protect the investment for years ahead. The best datacenter design should deliver exceptional performance and reliability; should be automated, scalable; should support multiple software stacks, and use standard hardware of any vendor. This is our definition of New-Age IT. And New-age storage solutions are key in this design. This is what drives the shift from legacy storage boxes to best-in-class storage software,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool.

Managing data center-scale deployments means complex planning, management, optimization, and maintenance. This also involves utilization management and hardware end-of-life or refresh cycles. Most, if not all of the issues of this work can be eliminated by using the newest generation software-defined technologies. And with StorPool all storage-layer related capabilities come at a fraction of the TCO, compared to traditional high-end SANs or all-flash arrays.

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