StorPool Wraps Up Successful 2022; Looks Towards Even Better 2023 by Empowering Customers with Next-Generation Storage Platform

Company’s primary data storage platform pushes the boundaries of what is possible in terms of reliability, agility, speed and cost-effectiveness.

SOFIA, Bulgaria – January 17, 2023 – StorPool Storage wrapped up operations for the 2022 calendar year buoyed by solid business growth, worldwide industry recognition, enhanced updates to its storage platform with the delivery of world-class support services. The company plans to continue this momentum during the upcoming year through advances in product development and increased business expansion in the North American market.

StorPool’s high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage platform provides the ideal foundation for large-scale clouds running diverse, mission-critical workloads. Among the new features, updates and improvements this past year were two new versions of its software (v19.4 and v20), enhanced offerings for MSPs, increased ROI for eCommerce shops and platforms, and updates to its analytics and monitoring suite. These enhancements resulted in solid business growth of both revenue (up 39 percent) and employee headcount (up 27 percent).

The company showcased its industry leadership through participation and sponsorship of events such as Flash Memory Summit, CloudStack Collaboration Conference, CloudStack European User Group and OpenInfra Summit Berlin. Notable industry recognition included being listed as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies on the Financial Times FT 1000 list, winning the Best of Show Award for Storage Array Software at Flash Memory Summit, and being a multi-category finalist in the Storage Awards XIX and SDC Award, as well as a finalist in the DSC Awards.

Plans for improvement on StorPool’s 2022 success in the new year include launching solid product development to increase the company’s lead as the most capable latest-generation primary storage software through improvements in data efficiency and increased optimization for heavily loaded workloads like transactional and time-series databases. The company will also continue to work with its customers to deliver the level of service they demand.

“Our experience with StorPool has been outstanding,” said Imtiaz A Khan, CTO of RapidCompute. “We have saved substantial time managing operations and have experienced zero downtime. The solution is an excellent value for money and the team we work with is very professional and goes the extra mile in addressing any concerns we have.” 

“Our highest priority is keeping our customers’ data safe and secure,” said Max Semenyaka, Technical Operations Manager at Namecheap. “That is why we chose the StorPool solution, based on AMD processors, providing high performance combined with impressive fault tolerance and data availability rates.”

“Despite a pandemic that has directly impacted businesses and the global economy, we continue to see steady customer growth and increased revenue from organizations that need to store their data more efficiently,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage. “This past year’s success can directly be attributed to the hard work and innovation of the entire StorPool staff. We are pleased to close 2022 having developed the StorPool Storage Platform with new features, updates and improvements, and we look forward to expanding upon this success throughout the new year.”

StorPool Storage is designed for workloads that demand extreme reliability and low latency. It enables deploying high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage systems on commodity hardware to serve large-scale clouds’ data storage and data management needs. With StorPool, businesses streamline their IT operations by connecting a single storage system to all their cloud platforms while benefiting from our utterly hands-off approach to storage infrastructure. The StorPool team architects, deploys, tunes, monitors, and maintains each storage system so that end-users experience fast and reliable services while our customers’ tech teams dedicate their time to the projects that aim to grow their business.

About StorPool Storage

StorPool Storage is a primary storage platform designed for large-scale cloud infrastructure. It is the easiest way to convert sets of standard servers into primary storage systems. The StorPool team has experience working with various clients – Managed Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, enterprises and SaaS vendors. StorPool Storage comes as a software, plus a fully managed data storage service that transforms standard hardware into fast, highly available and scalable storage systems in a Storage-as-a-service fashion (STaaS). Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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