StorPool Storage Delivers High-performance Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

SAN JOSE, California, July 14, 2020 – The leading software-defined storage provider StorPool has officially announced its stronger expansion into the Kubernetes market. StorPool has already become one of the main choices when it comes to creating scalable and high-performance clouds. Its native integration with K8S meets all core requirements of modern Persistent Volumes for Kubernetes.

The powerful combination of StorPool’s high-performance storage and Kubernetes

StorPool’s native integration with Kubernetes is achieved by expanding the powerful and proven StorPool SDS platform with a CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver. This allows on-premise Kubernetes clusters to have fast and reliable persistent storage for their containers and databases or stateful applications and microservices.

The StorPool K8S CSI driver supports the “dynamic volume provisioning” feature, enabling persistent volumes in the cluster to be dynamically attached/detached to different Kubernetes nodes on-demand. This automates the pre-provisioning of the storage and the volumes are provisioned as requested.

In addition, persistent storage must prevent data loss and ensure data accessibility at all times. StorPool provides a cloud-native storage architecture with a wide set of data management features such as: end-to-end data integrity; efficient Copy-on-write snapshots and clones; High availability; Multi-stack support; Seamless scalability; Backups and Disaster Recovery; and Advanced Monitoring and Statistics.

Increased demand for persistent storage for containers

When deploying containers with Kubernetes, companies eventually realize that they need persistent storage. However, its implementation is one of the top challenges for administrators, DevOps, and cloud engineers. They need to provide fast and reliable storage for the data used by the containers, which should survive hardware and software failures, reboots, and updates.

Using StorPool as persistent storage for Kubernetes brings easier management, scaling, and flexibility. It provides a faster and highly-available environment to run databases and stateful apps. You can run both VMs and container environments on the same storage stack.

Robust Persistent Storage Across Many IT Stacks

Managing large-scale IT infrastructure often requires multi-stack/platform support for multiple virtualization technologies and cloud management systems. Many companies have grown their infrastructure by utilizing different technologies, and now they need to simultaneously run – or consolidate – workloads of VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, bare-metal, and other systems.

StorPool is uniquely positioned to deliver a modern, yet mature SDS platform, which provides storage simultaneously to several IT software stacks, all at once. The longevity, performance, and security of your data is ensured with StorPool, regardless of wherever this data is stored.

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