StorPool Joins HPE Technology Partner Ecosystem

Delaware, USA – June 11, 2024 – StorPool Storage today announced that it has joined the HPE Partner Ready: Technology Partner Program as a Silver Level Partner. This collaboration enables customers to utilize a next-generation data storage software technology, which accelerates their workloads while reducing the total cost of running IT Infrastructure at scale. 

The HPE Partner Ready: Technology Partner Program is for vendors who develop or enhance products that leverage HPE technologies. As part of HPE’s partner ecosystem, StorPool can now deliver a level of agility, scale and reach that makes the difference when delivering high-quality solutions to customers with fast-changing needs in multiple locations around the world.

StorPool works with HPE to provide a solution that comes with a comprehensive service wrapping, including – design, deployment, tuning, monitoring, after-sales hardware support and proactive maintenance of each StorPool storage system using right-sized servers that fit the requirements of the most demanding modern IT teams. Whether the project is a physical-to-virtual transition or the migration from a legacy virtualization technology to a KVM-based cloud managed with a Cloud Management Platform like CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenNebula, or Proxmox, StorPool Storage delivers the automation and peace of mind modern IT teams need.

As IT underpins any human activity today, all companies are essentially becoming IT service providers. This trend puts a strain on IT teams to innovate and deliver more capable, scalable, and cost-efficient IT infrastructure. StorPool on HPE is a future-proof data storage platform, which comes with a best-in-class Software-Defined Datacenter design and capabilities and allows companies to build infrastructure as code and optimize their CAPEX and OPEX across the entire datacenter.

The StorPool Storage platform running on HPE gear fills a gap in the market. It overcomes the limitations of traditional data storage offerings and delivers the data management platform needed by the applications and workloads of tomorrow,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage. “By partnering with HPE, we are able to ensure that our block-storage software platform is easier to consume globally by offering the right combination of software, hardware and services.

StorPool Storage is designed for workloads that demand utmost reliability and low latency. It enables deploying high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage systems on industry standard hardware to serve large-scale clouds’ data storage and data management needs. 

Unique capabilities of the StorPool data storage platform include:

  • Application acceleration – by providing unmatched performance, which is above and beyond what is now possible with the traditional SAN storage architecture
  • Removing scalability limitations – by providing linear scalability to multi-petabyte size, online, without disruption to user applications running on the platform
  • Streamlining hardware refresh cycles – through non-disruptive hardware maintenance and hardware lifecycle management
  • Vendor lock-in elimination – by having the widest multi-stack support on the market in terms of other supported IT software and cloud management platforms for KVM-based clouds
  • Optimizing costs across the entire datacenter – by streamlining server, networking and storage costs, plus running costs on datacenter, utilities and staff 
  • Storage As a Service (STaaS) with a Fully Managed Service wrapping – allowing customers’ tech teams to focus on the projects that add more value and grow their business while solving personnel related issues

Those interested in learning more about how they can gain a competitive advantage with StorPool and HPE can download a solution brief detailing the customer value at

Additionally, Storpool is exhibiting its ultra-fast and effortless block-storage software platform designed for modern, large-scale cloud infrastructures at HPE Discover 2024, HPE’s annual edge-to-cloud conference in Booth No. 2300 of the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas June 17-20. Attendees can get a first-hand look at how StorPool delivers next-generation data storage for building clouds at scale, delivering performance, agility and optimization of data center costs. To schedule a meeting with company executives at HPE Discover 2024, attendees can contact [email protected].

About StorPool Storage
StorPool Storage is a next-generation data storage software platform, built for modern IT. The StorPool platform is a Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering, with a bring your own servers model. It combines software, plus a fully managed data storage service that transforms standard hardware into fast, highly available and scalable block-first storage systems. Learn more about StorPool Storage and how they accelerate the world by storing data more productively. 

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