StorPool Experts Advocate for What a Modern Primary Storage Platform Should Do to Improve Cloud Infrastructures

SOFIA, Bulgaria – April 18, 2023 – With all the pieces of a modern cloud infrastructure dependent on the capabilities of the underlying storage system and its ability to perform consistently, there is no room for trade-offs when it comes to reliability, agility and speed when implementing a modern primary storage platform, according to experts at StorPool Storage.

Deploying a cloud requires sets of hardware and software pieces – servers, storage, network switch, virtualization software, service tools and cloud management tools – to serve as part of a cloud infrastructure that runs diverse, mission-critical workloads. Platforms that offer a compelling mesh of reliability, agility and speed ensure that primary and secondary storage systems run optimally to best support cloud environments.

Reasons to focus on these three capabilities are:

  • Reliability – Dependable storage platforms deliver peace of mind that public and private clouds’ foundations are robust. Storage platforms must keep serving and receiving data with end-to-end integrity regardless of other factors such as software updates, hardware bugs or failures, firmware, driver or kernal issues, server or network upgrades and so on.
  • Agility – Storage platforms should grow as businesses grow and enable the ability to address user requirements without disrupting their workloads.  This includes the need to adjust the scale, performance and resource consumption of the storage system in-flight by adding drivers or servers, by changing workload settings like IOPS, virtual disk size and data placement policies, or by serving storage to multiple hypervisors and cloud management platforms from a single storage system.
  • Speed – A data storage platform must deliver the performance needed to meet use case demands. It should not cause bottlenecks, even when using only commercial, off-the-shelf servers, network switches and cables.  Modern storage platforms must extract the maximum possible speed (low latency, high IOPS and data throughput) for a given set of industry-standard hardware.

“Since all the pieces of modern cloud infrastructures are dependent on the underlying storage system deployed, we believe that there is no room for trade-offs when it comes to reliability, agility and speed of the primary storage platform,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage. “In order to ensure that modern primary storage platforms perform as they should, finding a system that guarantees primary and secondary storage systems excel in these criteria will ensure everything is running optimally and help overcome the pain points associated with legacy storage products. Doing this is the best way that organizations can supercharge not only their systems but their revenue and profits as well.”

StorPool Storage is designed for workloads that demand extreme reliability and low latency. It enables deploying high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage systems on commodity hardware to serve large-scale clouds’ data storage and data management needs. With StorPool, businesses streamline their IT operations by connecting a single storage system to all their cloud platforms while benefiting from its utterly hands-off approach to storage infrastructure. The StorPool team architects, deploys, tunes, monitors, and maintains each storage system so that end-users experience fast and reliable services while its customers’ tech teams dedicate their time to the projects that aim to grow their business.

About StorPool Storage
StorPool Storage is a primary data storage platform designed for modern, large-scale cloud infrastructure. The platform delivers the speed, agility, scalability and price/performance required by modern applications and business demands. StorPool customers are IT service providers building public, private and hybrid clouds – Managed Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Enterprises and SaaS vendors. The StorPool Storage platform is a Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering, with a bring your own servers model. It combines software, plus a fully managed data storage service that transforms standard hardware into fast, highly available and scalable storage systems. Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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