StorPool Provides More Flexible and Reliable Storage Solution for Pakistan’s First Enterprise-Class Public Cloud Computing Platform

SOFIA, Bulgaria – December 14, 2022 – StorPool Storage today announced that RapidCompute™, Pakistan’s first enterprise-class public cloud computing platform, has deployed its primary storage platform as part of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that provides the best cloud experience to local enterprises and small businesses alike. 

As a growing company that is constantly seeking to improve its services and meet global standards, RapidCompute wanted to upgrade its infrastructure and evolve its storage system to gain even more flexibility and operational efficiency. RapidCompute selected StorPool Storage based on the software’s features and flexibility. The solution met the project’s high requirements, addressed major challenges and had the ability to overhaul RapidCompute’s cloud platform.

The five major challenges that needed to be addressed by the new primary storage solution selected to optimize RapidCompute’s cloud platform included:

  • The solution had to be both cost-effective by utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and operating cost-optimized through end-to-end automation of the RapidCompute services.
  • It needed to be an agile solution that delivers multiple tiers to solve the different storage challenges RapidCompute addresses for end-customer workloads daily.
  • It needed to deliver extremely high performance to address the heavily loaded transactional databases backing modern enterprise soſtware.
  • The solution needed to have linear scalability through online scaling out with additional physical servers and non-disruptive hardware refreshes on timelines set by RapidCompute.
  • The RapidCompute team needed a specific feature set like faster recovery time, quick rebuild times, higher fault tolerance, and easy migration from its legacy storage system.

“A significant number of local enterprises finds it difficult to adopt hyperscale cloud because of a common practice that they build applications on monolithic architecture,” said Shahzaib Khan, Commercial Head of RapidCompute. “Such single-tiered applications due to their complex nature are performance hungry and demands low latency. With StorPool we aim to target such customer base and add critical workloads on Rapid.”

With StorPool Storage, RapidCompute managed to achieve better performance of its services and guarantee an even better experience for its end customers with zero downtimes. Overall, service quality improved and StorPool offloaded RapidCompute’s IT teams, giving them the opportunity to focus on the important projects that aim to grow RapidCompute’s business.

“Our experience with StorPool has been outstanding,” said Imtiaz A Khan, CTO of RapidCompute. “We have saved substantial time managing operations and have experienced zero downtime. The solution is an excellent value for money and the team we work with is very professional and goes the extra mile in addressing any concerns we have.”

StorPool Storage is designed for workloads that demand extreme reliability and low latency. It enables deploying high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage systems on commodity hardware to serve large-scale clouds’ data storage and data management needs. With StorPool, businesses streamline their IT operations by connecting a single storage system to all their cloud platforms while benefiting from our utterly hands-off approach to storage infrastructure. The StorPool team architects, deploys, tunes, monitors, and maintains each storage system so that end-users experience fast and reliable services while our customers’ tech teams dedicate their time to the projects that aim to grow their business.

“We are happy to have partnered with RapidCompute with a new primary storage solution that was designed to optimize their cloud platform,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage. “By delivering an agile, speedy solution with linear scalability and cost-efficiency, we were able to not only serve the primary storage needs of all of RapidCompute’s clouds but were also able to manage the critical data of the virtualized primary workloads of RapidCompute’s end customers.”

The full case study can be found here.

About StorPool StorageStorPool Storage is a primary storage platform designed for large-scale cloud infrastructure. It is the easiest way to convert sets of standard servers into primary storage systems. The StorPool team has experience working with various clients – Managed Service Providers, Hosting Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, enterprises and SaaS vendors. StorPool Storage comes as a software, plus a fully managed data storage service that transforms standard hardware into fast, highly available and scalable storage systems. Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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