Business Materials

More on the business side of StorPool and why building a converged infrastructure is better, can be found below.

StorPool Brochure

StorPool Brochure

Product Fact Sheet

Product Overview

Solution Brief

Vesper Technology & StorPool - almost 1 mln. IOPS for $61k

Partner Case Study

StorPool, Mellanox and S3S

Intel and StorPool

Solution Brief

Micron and StorPool

Solution Brief

White Paper

5 Things Storage Vendors Are Not Telling You

Technical Materials

For more details on the technical aspects of StorPool and how to build a converged infrastructure in less than 2 weeks, please see below.

Technical Overview

StorPool Technical Overview

System Requirements

StorPool System Requirements

Pre-installation Checklist

StorPool Pre-installation Checklist

Performance Test

3 storage nodes, 12 SSDs in total = 468,000 IOPS.

Getting Started Guide

StorPool Getting Started Guide

Volume Management

StorPool Volume Management

Storage Performance and Resilience Testing

A guide on how to select a storage
system for your cloud