Other Integrations

Custom Cloud Management Systems
& Other Integrations

StorPool has many customers using custom cloud management platforms. They use our JSON API to easily manage StorPool, and benefit from the performance and reliability delivered by a modern block storage software solution.

Besides deep integrations with Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack, OnApp and OpenNebula, we are also compatible with almost all technologies in the Linux stack.

We also support VMware, Microsoft Server/Hyper-V, Xen, XenServer, KVM, LVM, Docker, LXC, libvirt, Proxmox, to name the more common technologies.

If you run any of these systems and would like to benefit from the performance, scalability and reliability of StorPool, do not hesitate to contact us to explore this opportunity.

Other Hypervisors

Companies using alternative software-defined storage for proprietary ecosystems sucha as VMware, Windows (Hyper-V), or others can benefit by a powerful and cost-efficient virtual SAN or virtual all-flash array.

In this case StorPool is accessed through a standard iSCSI connection. However, we have extended the iSCSI protocol to add modern features such as scale-out and high availability.

Scale-out means that we run multiple iSCSI connections in parallel, to increase the performance of your storage system. StorPool also delivers load balancing and increases reliability.

Our high-availability feature performs automatic fail-over: in case of a hardware failure, storage requests will be switched to a redundant iSCSI target and workloads will not be affected.

Last but not least, StorPool to delivers high-performance, scalable shared block storage to dedicated and bare metal servers through iSCSI.