OpenNebula Storage for Efficient Clouds – StorPool Block Storage

With StorPool for OpenNebula storage, any OpenNebula cloud gets exceptional storage bandwidth, IOPS and low latency, enabling companies to provision many more VMs per host.

About OpenNebula

OpenNebula (ONE) is a leading Cloud management system that is simple yet powerful. It is easy to deploy, manage and grow. Using StorPool for the storage layer and OpenNebula for cloud management, any company building a cloud can create an efficient and high-performance IT infrastructure.

StorPool is integrated with OpenNebula and is a great option for OpenNebula storage. The integration is performed as a new datastore driver in ONE. OpenNebula persistent and non-persistent images (virtual disks) are safely stored in a StorPool cluster, with the usual high level of reliability and performance, with ONE controlling and monitoring the StorPool cluster itself. For example, when you create a VM in OpenNebula, it instructs StorPool to create a new volume for the VM, which may be based on an ONE template. When an ONE template is being imported, it goes directly into the StorPool image data store. For more information on how the integration is performed click HERE.

The advantages of choosing StorPool for OpenNebula

With StorPool, any OpenNebula cloud gets exceptional storage bandwidth, IOPS and low latency, enabling companies to provision many more VMs per host. Combining both products allows for seamless scalability in terms of capacity and performance, as well as increased reliability.

The solution is a drop-in replacement for traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA) and other slower or less efficient storage software. Besides having significant technological advantages, running a cloud with StorPool and OpenNebula can also considerably lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase Return on Investment (ROI).

Infrastructure architecture of a cloud with OpenNebula and StorPool

OpenNebula Integration scheme: StorPool and OpenNebula in converged infrastructure setup.

OpenNebula Integration scheme: StorPool and OpenNebula in segregated infrastructure setup.

Hyperconverged cloud architecture

StorPool and OpenNebula joined efforts and technologies to help companies easily build a simple, efficient and high-performance cloud. This hyperconverged cloud uses standard servers and networking, and every server within the cloud combines computing, storage and virtual networking functions to achieve better efficiency and simplified management.

The final result is turnkey software stack for building public or private clouds.

The main goals when deploying a hyperconverged cloud are usually to gain simplicity, performance and efficiency, without sacrificing features or reliability.

Hyperconverged cloud architecture

Want to know more about a hyperconverged cloud built with StorPool storage for OpenNebula? Download our Reference Architecture

Building a Hyperconverged cloud with StorPool storage and OpenNebula – Overview of the business advantages and the implementation

Reference Architecture – a blueprint to aid IT architects and administrators in the design and deployment of a hyperconverged cloud infrastructure