Storage for OnApp Clouds –
StorPool Block Storage

StorPool is the leading storage for any OnApp cloud. The deep integration with OnApp, unmatched product quality and fully-managed storage service, make StorPool the prime choice in terms of reliability and speed.

The prime distributed storage solution for OnApp clouds

StorPool is the prime shared storage solution for OnApp clouds. Trusted by many of the leading OnApp clouds – companies like eApps, ToggleBox, Kualo,,,, HawkHost, UKDedicated, ScalaHosting, vHost and many more.

StorPool has a deep integration with OnApp. It allows OnApp users to have an extremely fast and reliable storage solution. This results in happier customers and more efficient clouds. With years in production, deep integration, constant improvements and outstanding support, StorPool is the right choice for OnApp shared storage.

StorPool has many advantages:

  • StorPool is more flexible and a ops-friendly;
  • With our integration every VM disk in OnApp becomes a separate volume in StorPool, so you can control every VM/disk individually;
  • It enables you to do online expansion and re-balancing of a storage pool, or moving data between pools online;
  • Because of StorPool’s efficiency the cost of the underlying hardware is lower with StorPool;
  • StorPool’s unique “SSD Hybrid” set-ups, deliver All-Flash performance at lower cost;
  • Multi-cloud solution – you can use the same StorPool cluster for OnApp and other IT stacks, for example: VMware, OpenStack, OpenNebula, CloudStackand others.

The StorPool solution uses 3 or more standard servers and standard Ethernet network to deliver shared storage to OnApp Hypervisors.

OnApp and StorPool only segregated - Storage for OnApp Clouds

Scheme: Deployment of OnApp & StorPool on separate servers.

StorPool performs End-to-End data integrity checking, which is a must-have feature of any software-defined storage system. It keeps your data safe from phantom writes/misplaced writes, bugs in software, hardware, drivers, kernels, etc. Yet there is no other storage software for OnApp which has this functionality.

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