Webinar: Building an Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure as a Service

Join the upcoming webinar on January 26th, 2 PM GMT, organized by StorPool Storage, Krystal and Katapult. Learn from industry experts how to build a high-performance, scalable and efficient software-defined IaaS.

During this webinar, Simon Blackler, CEO of Krystal and Alex Easter, CTO of Krystal will share the success story of building Katapult – Virtual IaaS platform based on new-age technologies and software-defined storage.

The leading UK-based cloud and hosting provider Krystal Hosting expanded its market share and offering in 2020 by launching a Virtual Infrastructure as a Service Platform running on StorPool. The new solution Katapult implements best-of-breed technology and years of successful expertise in the cloud domain, backed up by an exceptional level of service.

During the webinar, the Katpult’s team will present what were the key steps and decisions they needed to make. What technologies they implemented into the successful solution and how they managed to outperform giants like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoſt Azure and Digital Ocean.

Alexander Ivanov, Product Manager of StorPool will present the core competencies for a modern data management solution. He will share an overview of the continuous improvement of StorPool Storage during the last year. In addition, he will talk about the ways to benchmark the performance of your cloud with the hyperscale cloud services providers.

Planning to build your own Infrastructure as a Service? Register for the webinar and discover how to build a new-age IT infrastructure and a blazing fast cloud offering.

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Building an Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure as a Service

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