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vHost Increases IOPS and Strengthens its VPS Business with StorPool Storage

Impressed by the Performance Achieved and the Outstanding
Support Provided!

About vHost

Nghia_news vHost is a leading service provider in Vietnam. In order to keep their leading position, they constantly adopt the latest technologies to deliver better services and new products on the market. vHost has more than 10 years of industry experience and keeps the leading positions at major industries in the region, committed to bring the best quality, fastest services and professional support possible at a reasonable cost.

“We would definitely recommend StorPool to other companies that are looking for primary block storage. StorPool is a great product, with exceptional performance and professional support, at affordable prices. Our research showed that currently commercial solutions are better than open source.” – NGHIA THAN, CEO & Founder at vHost.vn

Challenges and pain points

  • Reliability issues – experienced incidents leading to downtime, coupled with poor support from the vendor
  • Lack of IOPS – customers complained of performance issues
  • Considerable churn – losing customers every week
  • Too much time lost in managing storage

vHost knew they needed to change their storage. SANs are uneconomical in their industry, thus they were looking for a soſtware storage solution. vHost tested different soſtware products, from open source to commercial products. They tried Ceph (Rados Block Device, RBD), ZFS, Virtuozzo Storage, OnApp Integrated Storage, VSAN (VMware) but none of them met their business needs. For example with one of the solutions their VPS service has been always registering errors and they had to fix it manually like a routine task. The support from the vendor never resolved their problems. This peaked when vHost experienced severe storage outage, lasting close to 48 hours and many customers leſt. vHost needed to change things, fast.

Why StorPool

When vHost tested StorPool it proved to be very stable. It also outperformed all other products they tested. On the same test hardware StorPool achieved the highest levels of IOPS. The test set-up  consisted of 3 servers: E5-2670v2, ram: 4 x 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz, SSD: 3 x 960GB Samsung PM863, HDD: 4 x 2TB HGST UltraStar, NIC: Intel X520-DA2, 2 switch: IBM Rackswitch G8124E. The results showed increase IOPS as follows:

vHost_increase IOPS Results in latency and Sequential read/write were:

vHost_news2 Using solution that increase IOPS and can deliver hundreds of thousands of IOPS allowed vHost to amaze customers with solid boost of I/Os at the same prices. This lead to a significant increase in customer satisfaction.
“The system proved to be really stable. Not only because it is a distributed system, but more so because of its architecture and very good implementation. We never faced any downtime issues which made our customers happy and loyal. StorPool’s team helped us not only in deploying StorPool, but also tuned the system to be really efficient. They provide outstanding 24/7 support and proactive monitoring.” – shares Nghia.

Key benefits of using StorPool

– Added vital shared storage to their VPS service. Before, when a node failed, vHost’s customers were experiencing downtime. Now vHost simply powers-up the customer’s VPS on another host, as the data is available on the StorPool shared storage system.
– With StorPool vHost unlocked the highest possible performance from their hardware, with low initial investment. Now they can host approximately 2 times more VPS customers on the same physical hardware.
– Better service quality – vHost receive highly competent and professional 24/7 support.
– StorPool helped vHost solve all issues related to their Cloud VPS services. These included helping vHost re-design their infrastructure stack and tuning network and hosts, besides storage.

“We chose StorPool because the product is simply brilliant and the team has deep understanding of the technology. We have never had a partner like StorPool before. The team helped us tune the servers to get more performance even though it was not of their responsibility. We are also very happy with their 24/7 support services.” – NGHIA THAN, CEO & Founder at vHost.vn

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More details on the technical aspects of the implementation of StorPool in vHost.

If you’d like to explore how StorPool can improve your cloud, just send us a line at [email protected]

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