StorPool’s Data Storage Solutions to be Distributed by Persy

Starting in 2015, StorPool will partner with Persy, to distribute StorPool’s innovative data storage solutions.

The Partnership combines Persy’s vast experience and StorPool’s expertise in storage solutions. Partnering together the two companies will offer to customers outstanding storage solutions at a competitive price.

A unique advantage of the StorPool’s data storage solutions is its exceptional flexibility, which allows companies to grow with the business, without the need of significant investments in cash or time. This is due to the innovative distributed architecture of StorPool, which enables Public and Private Cloud providers to build data storage with standard x86 servers, instead of investing in expensive and inefficient traditional storage arrays (SAN).

„It is all about creating a simpler, still much better solution that easily and effectively overcomes the most common and challenging issues in data storage – insufficient performance, limited scalability, complexity and prohibitive cost“, said Boyan Ivanov, StorPool CEO. “By partnering with Persy we deliver high quality hardware and outstanding storage software together. This allows our customers to have all the benefits of a best-of-breed software-defined storage solution, designed and implemented especially for them”.

„Together with StorPool we deliver added value to organizations by enabling them to advance their storage to the next level which corresponds to the future trends of the industry. This is achieved at a more attractive price compared to the investment in high-end traditional storage arrays. Our partnership is aiming to provide a strong tool for customers and increase their competitiveness and business performance through innovation in the storage stack and up.”, said Martin Filev, CTO of Persy.

StorPool’s data storage solutions are targeted at companies that manage their IT infrastructure. It allows customers to achieve unseen levels of efficiency, performance and reliability. At the same time this solution can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership up to 80%, compared to traditional data storage solutions.






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