StorPool: Latest Storage Performance Report

Outstanding storage performance report from the latest version of StorPool’s distributed storage software

StorPool – v.15.02, delivers outstanding storage performance, low latency and seamless scalability. The tests were carried out in a converged setup – whereby the 3 servers running the benchmarking software (fio) are used both as storage nodes and as storage clients.

StorPool provides a high level of redundancy and performance, via replication of data in different servers or racks. In this test we have 3 copies of the data (3x replication) in a “StorPool Hybrid” setup, with one copy of the data on SSDs and two copies of the data on HDDs. This ensures all-SSD performance is achieved, but at a fraction of the cost.

In the storage performance report chart below, ‘QD’ stands for Queue Depth – i.e. the number of parallel requests to the system. A high QD is very typical for heavily loaded cloud environments. The charts show results from tests performed on a small cluster using just 3 servers, 12x Micron M500DC SSDs, 18 HDDs and 2 x 10GE standard Ethernet network connections per node. (for more information please refer the full report).

Storage performance report: read, write, 50/50 read write


Storage performance report: sequential read / write

performance test sequential read_write

StorPool scales linearly in both capacity and performance, therefore a cluster that is 10 times larger than the one tested will have approximately 10 times the performance and capacity. This enables seamless growth, both in terms of capacity and performance.


StorPool provides exceptional performance, whilst at the same time delivering end-to-end data integrity and shared storage capabilities. In addition, StorPool maintains high performance and unrivalled efficiency, even while serving the storage needs of many competing workloads.

Commercially StorPool unlocks the potential to achieve major reductions in TCO, offering exceptional value for money when compared to the costs of existing, traditional shared block storage solutions, all flash arrays and other alternative software products.

The estimated total end user cost of the hardware used in these tests is $16,000 for 5.2 TB of usable capacity. The total solution cost for a small 3 server production deployment, with 13TB of usable space, equates to $2.53/GB and $0.13/IOPS.

You can read the full version of this document on our web site:

About StorPool

StorPool is block-level, distributed storage software. It runs on standard servers and builds a fast, scalable and reliable shared storage system out of these servers. StorPool is incredibly flexible and can be deployed in both converged setups (on compute nodes, alongside VMs and applications) or on separate storage nodes.

StorPool was designed from scratch to deliver the fastest and most-efficient storage solution possible and replaces traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA) or other, less-efficient storage software.

To learn more about StorPool or to arrange a free trial, please contact us at [email protected] or call (+1) 415 670 9320.

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