StorPool – exhibitor at OpenFest 2018

Join StorPool in celebrating the open-source and the free art by coming to the OpenFest conference on the 3rd-4th November in Sofia TechPark.

StorPool at OpenFest 2018

StorPool is going to be one of the exhibitors at this year’s OpenFest conference. All the attendees will have the chance to hear a talk by Boyan Krosnov, CPO at StorPool, on the topic “Motiki 2.0”. This is the second part of a series of talks ( You can check out the first part here) on the topic regarding some of the most interesting and curious bugs, that StorPool encounters on a daily basis. Some of them are extremely tiny and easy to solve. However, others may make a person seriously doubt the software’s actual ability to work.

As usual, StorPool is going to surprise everyone who stops by our booth with special surprises. Come and challenge yourself with our new game, that you can even play on your own device. You focus on solving our riddle and we are going to focus on giving you the best gifts possible.

OpenFest – Share the freedom 

OpenFest is the biggest Bulgarian conference dedicated entirely to the open source software. It is a weekend-long festival celebrating the free art and culture, the sharing and exchanging of knowledge, experience, and inspiration. OpenFest is an annual event that brings together all the IT professionals and open source enthusiasts.  Additionally, it aims to popularize the open source projects and gain recognition for the community that works and creates in it. Overall, the event is the perfect platform to celebrate and give voice to the free art.

The very first OpenFest festival took place back in 2003. Each year it’s organized by the Open Project Foundation – an organization, which is focused on encouraging and empowering independent creative projects and helping them spread to a wider audience. It also stresses the importance of the connection between art and technology. The way they inspire and challenge each other.

StorPool will be waiting for all the open-source enthusiasts for a weekend of great fun and creative work.


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