StorPool - CNCF Silver Member

StorPool Joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Delivers Best-of-Breed Persistent Storage

StorPool is happy to announce that at the end of July we have become a member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Linux Foundation. During the last year, we put great efforts into developing StorPool’s integration with Kubernetes, our own Kubernetes CSI driver, and solutions for companies managing large containerized infrastructure on bare metal

StorPool’s persistent storage for Kubernetes (K8s) ensures high performance, instant scalability, data reliability, and space savings for companies managing large containerized environments. The CNCF membership is a vital step to increase our commitment to the cloud-native community and help its users to leverage the power of a mature and powerful distributed storage solution. 

You can now see StorPool as part of the cloud-native storage landscape of CNCF. In its architecture StorPool covered all of the principles of efficient cloud-native storage – platform-agnostic, reliable, secure, scalable.

StorPool’s integration with Kubernetes was originally introduced in 2019, together with lower latency, and support for hyperscale datacenter networks and ARM/Power architectures. StorPool’s updated Kubernetes integration includes CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver, which allows K8s to create volumes and use the storage provided by StorPool to store persistent volumes. It can be used as a default for all data – for databases as well as for stateful applications/microservices and StorPool makes them blazingly fast. 

Running modern applications and databases on high-performance persistent storage with Kubernetes

Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage

“There is a major shift from the old way of doing things – which was virtualization, to new IT architectures, split into microservices. Containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes is the default choice when deploying scalable applications. And all these apps have databases and other critical data that need to be persisted.” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool.

“Users today can either use a new-ish container-only storage technology or traditional SDS (Software-Defined Storage) solutions, which are not well integrated or powerful. To bridge the gap, we’ve extended our powerful, modern, yet proven data platform to provide extremely fast, robust, and feature-full storage for K8s environments at scale.”

“We are pleased to welcome StorPool as a CNCF member. Persistent storage is a critical part of every infrastructure, particularly when deploying containers with Kubernetes or containerized applications,” said Priyanka Sharma, general manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “StorPool is the newest member of our Cloud Native Storage landscape and we look forward to the contributions they will make to the ecosystem.”, said Priyanka Sharma, General Manager of CNCF.

Best-in-class persistent storage

With a best-in-class persistent storage software architecture, designed for New-Age IT and with a wide set of data management features, StorPool prevents data loss and ensures data is accessible wherever the containers are. It adds a long list of must-have functionalities for K8s deployments:

End-to-end data integrity
• Efficient Copy-on-write snapshots and clones
• High availability
• Multi-stack support
• Scalability
• Backups and Disaster Recovery
Advanced Monitoring and Statistics

With StorPool you can ensure reliable persistent storage for containers, deployed in large, bare-metal deployments. This allows faster pod restarting on different hosts, fast snapshot creation and volume restore from snapshots, and a better environment to run workloads in Kubernetes. 

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