Meet StorPool at OpenNebula Conference 2019

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On October 21st – 22nd in Barcelona is going to take place this year’s OpenNebulaConf – the must-attend cloud event of the year. The conference will be the eight of this type and is a get together of the OpenNebula community. During the annual meeting, cloud providers, system engineers, and administrators will discuss their real IT needs and use cases. StorPool …

CloudStack User Day London

Storage-based snapshots for KVM VMs in CloudStack – Meet us at CloudStack European User Day

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On October 24th StorPool storage will participate in the CloudStack European User Group Day in London. The event is organized by our friends from ShapeBlue and will bring together the Apache CloudStack community. This time the visitors will have the chance to enjoy an all-day event, full with exciting and useful sessions. StorPool’s team is happy to share that we …

European Cloud Infrastructure and CloudStack User Day

European Cloud Infrastructure and CloudStack User Day

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On June 13th, StorPool together with ShapeBlue are hosting the European Cloud Infrastructure and CloudStack User Day in Sofia, Bulgaria. A half day event, focusing on CloudStack and the latest trends in building and managing virtualized cloud environments. Are you building or operating infrastructure or cloud? Become part of the European Cloud Infrastructure and CloudStack User Day to learn how …


StorPool hosting 4th OpenNebula TechDay in Sofia

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For the 4th time the OpenNebula user group in Bulgaria will gather to exchange experience and show all innovations in the industry. The meeting will be held this spring on 16th May in Sofia. Partner and organizer of the event is StorPool Storage. About the event Each year OpenNebula and StorPool gather together programmers, system administrators, and other IT representatives to …


Turkey, here we come – StorPool at the Hosting Talk Global

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StorPool is proud to announce that for the very first time we are attending the Hosting Talk in Istanbul on 12-13 April! We are very excited to meet not only Turkish, but also some of the biggest worldwide technology companies. About the event Hosting Talk Global is a global networking event for web hosting companies, cloud service providers, domain registration …

cloudfest 2019

Meet StorPool at CloudFest 2019 in Germany

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March 23rd-29th, save the date and come meet StorPool at CloudFest 2019 in Europa-Park, Rust, Germany.  CloudFest is the biggest event in Europe entirely dedicated to celebrating the cloud industry, the professionals, and the trendsetters. The event is unique for its ability to make attendees feel as much part of the show as the presenters themselves. Every person, every idea, …

StorPool Presented at Storage Field Day 2019

Storage Field Day 18 – Hold on Silicon Valley, we are coming!

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StorPool will be presenting for the first time at Storage Field Day on Wednesday, 2019Feb27th 2019  Tech Field Day organizes specialized events on storage, networking, wireless, data, virtualization & Cloud. The TFD events, and the Storage Field Day specifically, bring together leading and well known storage and IT experts from all over the world, and gather them in front of …


GPU Accelerated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud for A Data Pro – Machine learning enabled by a blazingly fast storage solution

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A Data Pro, a global company specializing in content, data and business intelligence services chose StorPool to ensure the storage for their high-performing GPU Accelerated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud. As a new line of business in 2018, A Data Pro developed a GPU-powered cloud-based solution, which does semantic content processing of large volumes of data and can then analyze the …

StorPool in 2018 - a year in a review

StorPool in 2018: new features, 30% lower latency and other significant improvements

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2018 – a successful year for the leading distributed block storage vendor StorPool At StorPool we are happy to share what we achieved in 2018 in the software-defined storage area. This year we continued our trend to double the company’s revenue and to be financially independent. Being strong and stable, not at the mercy of financial markets gave us the …

StorPool's New Release 18.02

StorPool’s New 18.02 Release – 30% lower latency, Kubernetes integration, support for hyperscale datacenter networks and ARM/Power architectures

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StorPool Storage – the leading software-defined storage provider for private cloud and public cloud builders is pleased to announce StorPool’s new release – 18.02. The new version of the fast distributed block storage incorporates industry-leading capabilities into the solution providing everything needed to ensure efficient, reliable and scalable storage solution for your business. The distributed storage software, developed by StorPool …