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ToggleBox service speeds up to 25 times faster and running costs a third lower with 100 per cent uptime with StorPool data storage software

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StorPool, the block-based software-defined storage specialist, today announced its data storage software, also called StorPool, has helped cloud host ToggleBox to improve its service to customers at a lower cost: by providing service speeds of up to 25 times faster and reducing running costs by a third. StorPool also helps ToggleBox to maintain 100 per cent uptime, and optimises costs …

High performance and reliable distributed storage, with a cost effective and scalable pricing model

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Kualo Web Hosting is a privately owned company headquartered in London, UK. Kualo serve tens of thousands of clients across the globe and provide fast, reliable and competitively priced web hosting services including shared web hosting, cloud and dedicated servers, domain name registration and reseller solutions. Boost in performance – achieved all-flash performance at HDD only price; Significant reduction in …

OpenNebula Great A’Tuin 4.14.2 – New maintenance release

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The OpenNebula team is proud to announce a new maintenance release of OpenNebula 4.14.2 Great A’Tuin. This release comes with several bug fixes found after the 4.14 release. These bug fixes covers different OpenNebula components like the Cloud View self service portal, Sunstone web interface, OpenNebula Core and several drivers. You can check the full list of bug fixes in …

Exhibiting activities and demos during the last quarter of 2015

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IP EXPO is the UK and Europe’s leading IT Infrastructure and Cloud event series for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. StorPool and partner S3S will be showcasing an All-in-one Private Cloud Solution. It provides hyper-converged infrastructure in a simple and affordable format. The solution provides a standard building block and …

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Easier to use, lower cost and more efficient: latest version of StorPool block-based software-defined storage

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London, UK – 19th August 2015 – StorPool, the block-based software-defined storage specialist, today unveiled the latest version of its homonymous solution, featuring upgrades such as advanced data reduction features, improved storage write operations and enhanced reporting functions. The new edition, the eight significant upgrade to the original solution, builds further on the solid foundations of StorPool’s block storage technology …

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StorPool and OpenNebula Systems sign a Technology Partnership agreement

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StorPool and OpenNebula Systems teamed up to deliver a remarkable solution for any public or private cloud StorPool is a new generation storage software (software defined storage 2.0). It runs on compute nodes (converged set-up) and delivers fast, reliable and scalable block-storage from these nodes. StorPool only does block-level storage and excels at it. OpenNebula Systems is the company behind …

StorPool presenting on the OpenStack CEE meet-up

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StorPool‬ will be presenting on the regular OpenStack CEE meet-up, to be held on 16 July in Budapest, Hungary. The event will also celebrate the 5-th birthday of OpenStack. Our Senior Developer Peter Penchev will share insights on the storage workings of OpenStack. His presentation is named “Migration, Retyping and Other Ways of Moving ‪‎Cinder‬ Data Around”. Anyone is welcome …