Krystal builds Infrastructure as a Service with StorPool

Krystal Builds an Enterprise Virtual Infrastructure as a Service Platform with StorPool

The leading UK-based cloud and hosting provider Krystal Hosting expanded its market share and offering by launching a Virtual Infrastructure as a Service Platform running on StorPool. The new solution Katapult implements best-of-breed technology and years of successful expertise in the cloud domain, backed up by an exceptional level of service.

Katapult – Virtual Infrastructure in Seconds

For the last two years, Krystal has been working on “Katapult” – a virtual Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform built for extreme performance and simplicity. Krystal needed a fast, stable, and scalable alternative to their existing OnApp platform using Integrated Storage. 

Integrated Storage while reliable, lacks instant scalability (such as instantly resizing virtual drives on demand) or quickly expanding the cluster itself with new physical disks (of any size) without a lot of manual work rebalancing the data. The performance was also limited and didn’t improve as the cluster grew.

The new storage solution would need to keep the promise of a modern SDS; high availability, extreme performance, a high level of flexibility, and of course, guaranteed data integrity.

Best-of-breed Storage Solution for Exceptional Performance

In their search for a storage platform, Krystal reviewed several SDS options as well as traditional SAN alternatives. In the end, they selected StorPool because of its high performance, robust API, unique space savings features, and the extremely high level of data protection offered from its triple data replication.

Simon Blackler, CEO of Krystal

“Storage forms the bedrock of any cloud platform, so whatever you use has to be bulletproof. At Krystal we’ve always had a standard rule; buy the very best solution available and sleep well at night! This is especially true when it comes to your clients’ data, which is the most important thing we look after.” – Simon Blackler, CEO of Krystal.

About Krystal

Krystal is one of the largest independent UK web hosting companies. Founded in 2002 it has steadily grown over the last 18 years and today supports nearly 30,000 clients who host over 200,000 websites. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of hosting, cloud, and VPS services and develop their own software in the UK. They value quality and transparency; characteristics often associated with rare crystals, hence the name.

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Krystal Hosting Expands its Market Share with Virtual Infrastructure as a Service Platform Running on StorPool

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