IT Press Tour 2020

StorPool Storage presenting at IT Press Tour 2020

StorPool is excited to be part of IT Press Tour 2020 – the one of a kind technology event that gives companies a stage for live sessions with US and European journalists. In our presentation, Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool Storage, and Boyan Krosnov, CPO at StorPool Storage, will share their thoughts on the storage market and will discuss storage performance benchmarks. Learn more about IT press tour 2020 and StorPool’s participation in the unique technology forum for innovative companies.

About IT Press Tour 2020 – 37th Edition

The prestigious technology event IT Press Tour gathers IT specialists, journalists, and storage analysts. Several subjects are covered during a tour covering the technology innovation and its impact on business, IT, economy, and green philosophy in the Enterprise. The 27th edition of the live sessions forum that will take place from 7 to 11 December 2020 will be focused on IT Infrastructure. During the interactive presentations, interviews, user testimonials, and demos that tech companies will hold, the attendees will have the chance to meet the top experts in the infrastructure domain and get to know better the new technologies and innovations on the market.

StorPool Storage presenting at IT Press Tour 2020

Choosing the most qualified tech company that would fit the requirement and needs of your online projects is a major step when it comes to building a reliable and high-performance infrastructure. In our session, the speakers Boyan Ivanov and Boyan Krosnov will share their thoughts and expertise on creating the best infrastructure for your business needs, how to benchmark performance metrics, and optimize your storage with best-of-breed new-age SDS solution. 

StorPool’s Speakers at IT Press Tour 2020

Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool Storage

Boyan Ivanov is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at StorPool‬. Boyan started programming at the age of 10. At the same age, Boyan started his first venture and the latter stuck. Boyan has versatile experience in the enterprise and SMB worlds and has also been part of several startups in the IT space. Now he is focused to help companies implement best-of-breed storage solution and achieve performance and efficiency for their clouds. 

Boyan Krosnov, CPO at StorPool Storage

Boyan Krosnov is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of StorPool Storage. He has been part of the technical teams building 5 service providers from scratch in 4 countries. In most of these projects, he has designed the architecture, led the technical teams, and managed the implementation of projects in the millions.

About StorPool Storage

StorPool Storage is the leading provider of block-level SDS storage on the market. Its enterprise solution is used by public and private cloud builders, enterprises, MSPs, SaaS, hosting, and cloud providers. It comes as software, plus a fully-managed data storage service that transforms commodity hardware into a fast, highly available, and scalable shared-storage system.

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