WEBINAR: Measuring IT infrastructure ROI for public or private clouds

How to compete with the cloud titans by achieving better infrastructure ROI

Solid ROI (Return On Investment) is a significant competitive advantage for any company. And high ROI is one of the most important parameters of a successful cloud project.

Join this webinar to find out how to measure in the right way your cloud infrastructure costs and how to assess the ROI (return on investment) of your public cloud offering. Learn from leading experts how to build a reliable and efficient cloud infrastructure and how to optimize your cloud costs.

During the webinar we will:

  • discuss how your cloud infrastructure affects your service price;
  • learn how to calculate correctly your cloud ROI;
  • get a practical example on ROI calculation;
  • get a free tool for automatic cloud ROI assessment.

Now anyone can build hyper-efficient cloud infrastructure even at small scale. Don’t gamble when choosing storage for your new cloud. Calculate ROI!

June 18th, 2019

Zoom Webinars

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Speaker: Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool

Boyan Ivanov is a CEO and co-founder at StorPool. He started programming at the age of 10. At the same age, he started his first venture and the latter stuck. He has been in the enterprise and SME worlds, working in IT, banking and financial sectors. He has also been part of several startups, prior StorPool and now he’s focusing on improving data storage for companies building public or private clouds.

Boyan puts his efforts in working with Cloud Service Providers, Shared Hosters, MSP business leaders (CEO/CTO/Owners) to greatly improve business performance and profitability through designing, deploying and managing fit for purpose Storage Solutions.

Calculate your Cloud ROI!

Get your copy of the StorPool cloud ROI calculator, which will calculate within seconds your return on investment per VM.

How will you benefit:
1. Achieve 242% ROI. Make more profit.
2. Build a $38/mth SSD VM for just $4.4 per month.
3. Reduce support time and costs with high-availability.
4. Have a real competitive advantage against “Big players”.
5. The fastest software-defined storage solution, plus a top notch technical team will be on your side.

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