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Accelerate your cloud-native applications with ultra-fast, ultra-flexible, always-on StorPool Block Storage

Ultra-Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Block Storage as a Service for Kubernetes Deployments

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of cloud-scale applications. Developed by Google engineers, Kubernetes is increasingly becoming the standard approach for cloud-native applications. Engineers use automation tools to perform most container management tasks with little human interaction, allowing tremendous scale and flexibility.

Software Defined Storage Built for Modern IT

With the power of StorPool Storage powering Kubernetes clusters, users can now experience:

Enterprise-class block storage performance and availability for cloud-native applications – No need to sacrifice performance or availability to gain cloud-style development and management advantages
Immediate Pod Restart pds on different hosts – eliminate blocking on slow volume attach/detach
Flexible deployment – Support Virtual Machines and bare metal containers with the same storage system. Support persistent and non-persistent or ephemeral storage depending on your application needs
Effortless snapshot management – generate Instant snapshots, create volumes from templates or snapshots to speed scaling and improve reliability
End-to-End automation – Full support for Kubernetes interfaces such as CSI ensure seamless management via normal Kubernetes automation workflows
Effortless Storage Management – Automated workflows deal with everyday application tasks and StorPool Fully Managed Services engineers take care of the maintenance StorPool, freeing your staff to focus on applications and end users

The StorPool Advantage for Kubernetes

Developers and operations teams use Kubernetes to automate large-scale, massively scalable applications comprised of hundreds or even thousands of containers, with instances and services being created and destroyed constantly as demands change.

As adoption of Kubernetes has grown, more and more developers started putting stateful applications like databases or key-value pairs into containers. This created a need for applications within containers to directly access persistent, stateful, high-performance storage such as StorPool.

Kubernetes administrators who need persistent storage want to manage their entire environment with a single set of workflows and automations. They can’t afford to insert manual steps into their carefully designed automated workflows. StorPool’s integration allows Kubernetes workflows to directly manage StorPool block storage – creating and destroying instances, attaching and detaching volumes, generating snapshots, and more.

StorPool is efficiently integrated with Kubernetes and is provided as a fully managed solution, deployed on commodity servers, monitored and maintained by the experts at StorPool.

“Kubernetes was engineered to address the complexities of large-scale, containerized environments. StorPool was engineered to address the complexities of data storage for large-scale, virtualized and containerized environments. With our support for CSI and our API-first management philosophy, IT operations teams adopting Kubernetes find StorPool a natural fit.”

Boyan Krosnov, Co-Founder and CTO of StorPool

StorPool Seamlessly Integrates with Kubernetes

StorPool provides persistent volumes for Kubernetes through the Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver. CSI is a Kubernetes extension for storage management, allowing Kubernetes to dynamically attach or detach nodes to StorPool volumes. 

StorPool supports both bare-metal Kubernetes deployments as well as Kubernetes in virtualized environments.

Learn more about Persistent Storage for Kubernetes:

Bare metal Kubernetes storage powered by high performance and scalable software-defined storage

Bare metal cloud infrastructure is the next shift of the global IT industry in search for simplicity and performance. But what are the benefits of running Kubernetes on a bare metal cloud and how to ensure reliable persistent storage for your bare metal Kubernetes clusters?

In this White Paper you will discover a step-by-step guide in how to run persistеnt storage with scalable bare-metal Kubernetes.

Learn more in StorPool’s White Paper: Persistent Storage for scalable bare metal Kubernetes:

“StorPool is a fast, distributed block storage software, running on standard hardware, intended to provide an efficient and effective solution to storing large amounts of data. It provides distributed storage to replicate data and eliminate single points of failure while being also highly scalable. StorPool doesn’t need dedicated nodes and can run on computation servers – in this case, Kubernetes and StorPool will run on the same machines. StorPool’s compatibility offers a big advantage over other storage solutions since Kubernetes has very specific requirements regarding system resource allocation so the usual best practice for Kubernetes is to run on its own separate dedicated nodes, apart from any other software, including distributed storage systems.”, Alexander Terziyski, ITGix SRE Team Lead


StorPool's integration with Kubernetes- PDF Materials

Solution Brief: Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

White Paper: Persistent Storage for scalable bare metal Kubernetes

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