How StorPool compares to All-Flash Arrays?

In the table below you’ll find a resume of the differences between what StorPool and All-Flash array vendors deliver:

StorPool Storage

All-Flash Array Vendors (AFA)


All-flash level of performance (at close to HDD prices).
Also HDD-only tier available for colder data

All-flash level of performance (at all-flash prices)


Standard x86 hardware, StorPool has
tested hardware compatibility lists

Single purpose, specialized storage hardware


Low level of lock-in: standard block device
which can be copied at any time and capacity based
monthly pricing, without upfront sunk costs

Higher level of lock-in: specialized hardware,
purchased in considerable up-front capex


Higher level of reliability, due to the fully
distributed architecture:
+ 3 copies (vs. 2 for most AFA)
+ copies in different storage nodes
+ full end-to-end data integrity functionality

Standard RAID levels of protection in the
borders of the storage box itself in most

Converged /

Full flexibility - storage on separate nodes (segregated),
semi-converged and fully (hyper) converged deployments

Separate layer of storage-only hardware


Fully Scale-out, performance and capacity
scale linearly

Varies: some all-flash array vendors market products
that are scale-out, most are not.

Cost (TCO)

+ Lower cost/TCO in case of segregated deployment
+ considerably lower TCO in case of converged deployments

High cost and considerable upfront CapEx

(and cash-flow)

+ Pay as you go, monthly recurring
+ Pre-paid packages for 1/3 years

Perpetual only


Enterprise grade 24/7 support included in the license

Different levels for additional price


All included: all planning, design and implementation
services included

Come as additional professional services

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