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Todor Tanev

Looking for interesting marketing challenges and meaningful work in a growing company with a great team and culture? We're looking for you.

Do you want to do something new, bigger, and more challenging? Why not be a part of the success story of StorPool – a global technology leader in the data storage market?

StorPool Storage is the best block storage solution when building public and private clouds. Our mission is to help cloud builders to build simpler, smarter and more efficient clouds.

We believe that a leading company is the product of outstanding people. We are therefore looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer for one of our teams.



Proficiency in at least 2 (two) of the following languages:

Extra Credit

Legal: The submitted personal information will not be provided to third parties and will be used only for the purpose of recruitment by StorPool Storage.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

Why join us

StorPool team

About StorPool

StorPool disrupts the global enterprise storage market. Companies that build public/private clouds today use outdated storage technologies to store their data. We believe keeping data should be simpler and more efficient.

Our mission is to make storing data better by developing new-age storage software and deploying it in companies which are what is usually known as the Cloud, around the World.

Ready to pick up the challenge? Send us your application at [email protected].

Meet part of our team​

Vasil Kolev

Vasil Kolev

Operations Team Technical Lead
"One of the things I like the most about StorPool is the company culture. Our software is mission-critical to the people who use it. They need it to work all the time, quickly and well. Therefore, the entire company culture is about things working correctly and as they should. I could say I've never had another job as interesting as this one."
Viktor Girov

Viktor Girov

Senior Sales Expert
"At StorPool, we strive to help every cloud builder make its customers happy. We achieve this by turning the cloud’s foundation – its infrastructure, into an extremely fast and robust element. Help us make the world a better place. Being part of StorPool helps me grow and progress as a professional, and it inspires me to aim higher."
Alex Ivanov

Alex Ivanov

Product Lead
"StorPool is setting the standard for how data storage should be done in the next 30 years. There’s a lot that we’re figuring out on the business, organisational, and technical side. What matters is that it’s really exciting to work with a team of people who are engaged and really care about making an impact on the way IT is done around the world."
Todor Tanev

Todor Tanev

Quality & Automation Lead
"Being a part of a team of highly skilled professionals, always focused on improving everything they do, and striving to be the best version of themselves is priceless. Also, I really like that the quality is upheld. It's not a function of one person or one team, but rather it's part of the company culture."

Life at StorPool

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