Become a C Core Developer at StorPool Storage!

StorPool Team

Do you want to do something new, bigger and more challenging? Why not be a part of the success story of StorPool – a global technology leader in the data storage market founded in Bulgaria?

Apply now for the C Core Developer position: [email protected]

We believe that a leading company is the product of outstanding people. For growing the business, we are looking for an exceptional C Core Developer in the areas of operating system kernels, virtualization, storage, or networking.

Your skills:

  • Written their own language and compiler;
  • Written their own file system;
  • Made their own operating system running on real hardware;
  • Contributed to an “infrastructure” software project like the Linux kernel, Qemu/Libvirt, glibc, musl or similar;
  • Worked on projects in the areas of packet processing, compilers, debuggers, language runtimes, hardware emulation, and virtualization;
  • Or a project similar to the examples above.

Our ideal candidate shouldn’t find any of the above impossible to do. Тhey should like writing core software for extreme performance and reliability.

Your responsibilities:

The candidate’s tasks will include working on the core of StorPool’s product, its features and bug fixes, its interoperability with hardware, networks, and network topologies. The product isn’t large but has some very hard tasks to accomplish, and a lot of attention to detail is required, and the candidate will be dealing with its core, on which everything else depends.

Why join us:

  • Join one of the few Bulgarian IT companies, which build their product and make a name for it on the global market;
  • Interesting and challenging work;
  • Exceptional potential for growth and personal development;
  • Friendly working environment;
  • No bureaucracy and corporate politics;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Company laptop;
  • Additional Health Insurance with Dental coverage;
  • Multisport card;
  • Company-sponsored initiatives for professional/personal development;
  • Employee referral program.


About StorPool:

StorPool is a Bulgarian founded company, which disrupts the global enterprise storage market. Companies that build public/private clouds today use outdated storage technologies to store their data. We believe keeping data should be simpler and more efficient. Our mission is to make storing data better by developing а new-age storage software and deploying it in companies which are the Cloud, around the World.

You can pick up the challenge by applying to [email protected] .

All candidates will receive a test. Only candidates that have solved the test will be invited for an interview.

Legal: The submitted personal information will not be provided to third parties and will be used only for the purpose of recruitment by StorPool Storage.

Why join StorPool?

StorPool is an industry leader in new-age storage software.

We believe that a leading company is the product of outstanding people. That is why we are constantly looking for the brightest, most motivated, and self-driven people.

We treasure common sense, the ability to find solutions to problems, and bias towards results more than CVs and pedigree.