StorPool is looking for a Senior Linux System Administrator!

Do you want to do something new, bigger, and more challenging?
Apply now for the Senior Linux System Administrator position: [email protected]

Are you looking for a new challenge? Why not be a part of the success story of StorPool – a global technology leader in the data storage market founded in Bulgaria?

We believe that the leading company is a product of exceptional people. We are looking for a motivated Senior Linux System Administrator with a strong focus on self-improvement and efficiency for our growing team.

What are the essential skills we are looking for:

  • Managing a Unix-like system via shell CLI, e.g., bash
  • Know your way and navigate freely in Unix filesystems
  • Installing, updating, and removing packages with package systems like yum, apt
  • Managing long-running processes with systemd or equivalent
  • Setting up network configuration like IP address, default gateway address, and DNS server address
  • Inspecting system logs for troubleshooting
  • Proficient in English – familiar with basic business etiquette;
  • Self-motivated and responsible;
  • Eager to learn and develop your career;

Experience or keen interest in some or all of the following would be an advantage:

  • Writing scripts in Python or Bash (or both 🙂 )
  • Maintaining a long-running service, e.g., a web server, an RDMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), a game server, or equivalent
  • Tending alerts from the monitoring system and acting accordingly
  • Managing virtual machines with VirtualBox or equivalent
  • Orchestration systems e.g. OpenNebula, OpenStack, CloudStack:

What would your tasks consist of mostly, but not only 🙂 :

  • Setup mission-critical storage systems and cloud deployments;
  • Provide technical support to customers’ engineers via ticket and chat systems;
  • Analyze and troubleshoot problems with the storage systems, networking, and Linux servers;
  • Debugging dark magic incantations (also known as shell scripts)
  • Analyze alerts from monitoring systems and act on them accordingly;
  • Participate in creating and consistently keep up to date reliable documentation base;
  • Validating the new hardware for use in StorPool deployments;
  • Other tasks according to your interests and skills – writing automation scripts, developing tools, etc.

Why would you consider joining us?

  • You will be joining a Bulgarian IT company, which builds its own product and makes its name for it on the global market;
  • You are looking for interesting and challenging work in the IT field;
  • You need the opportunity for personal development and potential for growth;
  • You feel good and thrive in a friendly working environment;
  • You are tired of bureaucracy and corporate politics;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Company laptop;
  • Some other perks we grant to our employees include stuff like:
    • Additional Health Insurance with Dental coverage;
    • Multisport card;
    • Company-sponsored initiatives for professional/personal development;
    • Employee referral program.

About Us

StorPool is a Bulgarian founded company, which disrupts the global enterprise storage market. Companies that build public/private clouds today use outdated storage technologies to store their data. We believe keeping data should be simpler and more efficient. Our mission is to make storing data better by developing а new-age storage software and deploying it in companies which are the Cloud, around the World.

You can pick up the challenge by applying to [email protected] .

All candidates will receive a test. Only candidates that have solved the test will be invited for an interview.

Legal: The submitted personal information will not be provided to third parties and will be used only for the purpose of recruitment by StorPool Storage.

Why join StorPool?

StorPool is an industry leader in new-age storage software.

We believe that a leading company is the product of outstanding people! That is why we are constantly looking for the brightest, most motivated and self-driven people.

We treasure common sense, ability to find solutions to problems and bias towards results, more than CVs and pedigree.