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The data to be processed is available at https://quiz.storpool.com/haystack.tar.lz4 – the file is 2692MiB, and it’s a good idea to start downloading it now.

What you have is data for multiple containers of objects. For each “container” you have a JSON file containing information for the objects in the data->objects array. A single object looks like this:

     “34”: {

        “volumeId”: 232897,

        “objectId”: 4927,

        “generation”: 1,

        “version”: 206591,

        “storedSize”: 1211904,

        “onDiskSize”: 1347584,

        “state”: 1,

        “parentVolume”: “NAME”,

        “volume”: “NAME”


The unique identifier of an object is the tuple of volumeId and objectId.

Each object is contained 3 times, at most one time per file. The total number of objects with their copies is around 76 million. 

In all objects for volumeId>12 and volumeId<4611686018427387904, that have a state of “1” exists at least one that the “version” field is different for one of the copies. Find the matching objects and the container(s) with the different version.

The solution needs to be able to find the object(s) for under 30 minutes and to use no more than 4GiB of memory.

Send us the answers to the task to the email [email protected] with the subject “PlovdivConf2022”.

The deadline for the submissions is 28 May 2022.

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    Alex Ivanov, Product Lead at StorPool Storage

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    Todor Tanev, QA Team Lead at StorPool Storage

    Todor Tanev
  • At StorPool, we strive to help every cloud builder make its customers happy. We achieve this by turning the cloud’s foundation – its infrastructure, into an extremely fast and robust element. Help us make the world a better place. Being part of StorPool helps me grow and progress as a professional, and it inspires me to aim higher.
    Viktor Girov, Commercial Expert at StorPool Storage

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