Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage

Technical Brief

Build an Automated Cloud that Rivals the Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers

Cloud builders – Managed Services Providers, Hosting Services Providers, Cloud Services Providers, Enterprises, and SaaS Vendors – are always seeking ways to optimize the architecture and cost of their public and private cloud deployments.

With Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage, companies can deploy a highly automated cloud that delivers the application performance and reliability their users need while easily addressing changes in user requirements over the long term.

About Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is the leading open-source cloud orchestration platform used by many of the world’s largest public and private clouds. It is a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service cloud management platform.

Apache CloudStack is a software that provides a cloud orchestration layer, giving automation of the creation, provisioning, and configuration of IaaS components (e.g., virtual machines used for virtual servers, databases, load balancers, virtual desktops, and more). It turns existing virtual infrastructure into a cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

StorPool’s Integration with Apache CloudStack

StorPool Storage volume management is integrated with Apache CloudStack to allow seamless use of the capabilities of the StorPool Storage system through the CloudStack GUI, CLI, and API interfaces.

With the integration, the features available in StorPool get inherited by each cloud deployed with StorPool Storage – enabling cloned provisioning, instant snapshots, thin provisioning, and backup, disaster recovery, and Quality of Service (QoS) policies per virtual disk or virtual machine (VM).

Thanks to the way StorPool works, VM provisioning is nearly instantaneous and data placement policies and other settings can be changed in-flight to address changes in user requirements.

The end result of the deep integration between the two systems is that there is no need to manage the storage system directly because all the interactions between CloudStack and StorPool are automated.

While every cloud is unique, this document presents some common design principles that can help readers plan how to build their cloud with Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage.

Apache CloudStack and StorPool Storage advantages

Use Case: Amito’s implementation of IaaS with CloudStack and StorPool Storage

StorPool Outperforms Nimble and Pure Storage for a Large-scale Multi-terabyte Storage Deployment with CloudStack

The UK-based leading MSP Amito built a large-scale multi-terabyte data storage platform with StorPool and CloudStack. Тhe storage solution spread across multiple clusters will support the enterprise-grade needs of Amito’s customers and will ensure a reliable data storage platform for their growing infrastructure.

All of Amito’s storage clusters have been faultless since they implemented them and with 100% uptime. The company is currently using around 35% less storage than on their previous solution because of the way StorPool implements snapshots and being more efficient.  

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