Performance Test: StorPool “SSD-Hybrid” shared storage system with 20x SSDs and 40x HDDs

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This is a test of a StorPool Distributed Storage system, which we call “SSD-Hybrid”. It consists of 20 SSDs and 40 HDDs, spread evenly across 5 storage servers (nodes). The system uses 3 copies of each piece of data in a different server to guarantee redundancy (i.e. 3x replication). All reads and writes come/go the the SSDs first and are …

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How to read storage performance test results

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There are multiple websites offering “Performance benchmarking for your server” or “Benchmark your server” services. Generally, you download their tools, run them and get a performance report, which is supposedly representative of different aspects of your dedicated physical server or VM. They measure CPU, networking and storage performance and assume that overall performance of each of these aspects could be …

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IT Infrastructure Trends and Predictions for 2017

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25/50/100G Ethernet The new generation of Ethernet NICs and switches is already on the shelves, with both Mellanox and Broadcom offering products on the market. We are now starting to see the first actual deployments, with some delay from our predictions from last year of having this tech widely adopted in 2016. For storage 25 Gbps Ethernet will be especially …

2017 Storage Trends

2017 Storage Trends and Predictions

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Storage-class Memory (SCM), NVM previously This was previously known as NVM (the storage media, not to be confused with NVMe/NVMHCI the interface), but the industry seems to have now settled on the term SCM. Having a dissimilar term was the right thing to do. SCM is a new class of storage media. It is faster than (NAND) flash, slower than …

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Pros and cons of hyper-converged infrastructure, HCI

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There are arguments for hyper-converged architecture and arguments for the traditional, separate storage and compute devices architecture. – provides slightly better total cost for small configurations (e.g up to 5-10 hypervisors), because you don’t need to buy 3 storage nodes (circa $7k) in addition to the hypervisors – single building block concept – simpler to extend because there is just …

Why is Shared Storage so Critical and How Can it Benefit the Datacenter Today

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We are all aware of the mind-numbing rate of data being generated today. This exponential growth rate of storage is being fueled by the digital transformation taking place on a global basis. Innovation today is originated from data, reinforced by data and delivered by data. In addition to this insatiable appetite for information, virtualization has also transformed the manner in …

cloud computing

Cloud Computing And Software Defined Storage

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Every organization that depends on its IT structure has thought about the cloud at some point in 2016. Cloud computing is a naissance that is fueling the digital transformation of the world and the way it does business. The term cloud is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals. The generally accepted definition of cloud computing comes from the …

How to build extremely efficient Clouds

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Our co-founder Boyan I. was a speaker at HostingCon Global 2016 and presented how to build extremely efficient Clouds. In his presentation he summarized the things and lessons we learned by deploying IT infrastructure and clouds for many companies. We decided to share the slides, so you can avoid some common mistakes and also get tips on how to build …