Highly Available Shared Hosting White Paper

White Paper: Highly Available Shared Hosting

Highly Available Shared Hosting – a simple, yet powerful new concept which helps companies build high-quality, competitive and powerful shared hosting service! At StorPool we are proud to present you the Highly Available Shared Hosting White Paper. A way to get a competitive advantage, reduce your headaches and meanwhile – keep or even increase your profit margins!

The Shared Hosting Industry

There are thousands of hosting companies all over the world. Millions of websites and users are searching for the best offer, newest promotion, the perfect hosting for their online presence. Customers are looking for fast, reliable and cost effective hosting service.

In the vast sea of web hosting companies, what is your chance to take a bigger market share and win the battle with your competitors?

Hosting business is constantly changing. The big players such as Amazon make it hard for the small and medium-sized providers to survive. And when it comes to measuring the margins, this is not a business with 300% profit. The increased customers’ expectations and rising demand for free extras can sometimes push you to the wall.

Drastic times call for drastic measures! When you cannot change the market dynamics, you need to change something on your side.

Highly Available Shared Hosting – they key to Uptime

White Paper One of the most effective ways to determine the quality of service a web hosting company is offering is by measuring the amount of uptime they guarantee and actually deliver to their clients. On the other hand, clients are choosing the best web hosting based on three criteria – support, pricing and uptime. Uptime is not only important, it is viral for the online success of each website. And each online business.

Highly Available Shared Hosting is a concept which replaces the traditional storage from the shared hosting infrastructure with a shared storage. The new solution is highly available and grantees that in case of a SSD or HDD failure or a maintenance all websites will continue their work uninterrupted.

White Paper – Highly Available Shared Hosting

In our effort to help the shared hosting providers, at StorPool we created a White Paper – Highly Available Shared Hosting. The document gives a practical solutions to the everyday pains all hosting vendors have:

  • Improving Service Reliability (Uptime)
  • Improving Service Performance
  • Reducing Support Time, Effort and Cost

Highly-available shared hosting benefits

Take your competitive advantage! Download the White Paper!

Are you ready to provide a better shared hosting service?

White Paper: Highly Available Shared Hosting

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