Make your cloud a success with a powerful all-flash, software-defined storage – StorPool and M2M Webinar

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On February 27th StorPool did a joint webinar alongside the UK storage specialist and memory distributor and integrator – M2M. The topic of the webinar was  “Make your cloud a success with a powerful all-flash, software-defined storage.”, covering the subject of building a fast, reliable, and cost-efficient cloud. As well as making the right choice when selecting the perfect storage solution for your company and how it helps to achieve your business goals.

M2M Enterprise and StorPool announced its new series of all-flash, software-defined storage systems powered by StorPool Storage and Dell.

The speaker

Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage

Speaker was Boyan Ivanov, CEO and co-founder of StorPool. Boyan has large experience with webinars, talking on different international conferences and meeting customers from different industries.

The core of building a cloud

StorPool and M2M presented a clear image of the steps, every company should take in order to build and sell a successful cloud. The first and most important one is innovation, which is essential to providing a better service to the customers. If you are building a service, some of the most crucial moments are eliminating the downtime, as well as providing a faster service.

Apart from the better service, in order to stay ahead of competitors, you should try to provide more features. They, regardless how small, when integrated make the customers’ job much easier and painless. Everything mentioned above, of course, should come at a fair pricing, that is competitive on the market.

StorPool and M2M Webinar

Problems when building a cloud

The most common problem when building a private or public cloud usually includes lack of performance and high latency. In the technological world today any latency higher than 1 millisecond is considered unacceptable. Therefore, latency might be considered the most important performance metric.

Another problem that occurs is the limited scalability, according to the growth of the business itself. On the other hand, building a cloud can be very difficult giving the limiting factors of the technology and facilities, that are being used.  No doubt, however, the biggest fear of the customer is data loss. In most cases, this is a result of a human error. That is why the implemented solution should have an extra protection, which is going to protect the data no matter what.

Building a cloud: Now

Building a cloud today is something that’s moving to the software-defined stack. It uses software to reduce the vendor lock-in. In many cases, the companies are moving to Whitebox servers. The cost reduction, simplicity, and scalability are major benefits for the companies. The management is much easier, which helps save time and lets you focus on the core of your business. Those are just part of the factors, driving this software-defined trend.

M2M Enterprise and StorPool Storage – joined forces for better clouds

M2M Enterprise joins forces with the software-defined storage (SDS) specialist StorPool to deliver extremely fast and reliable flash storage systems. These systems deliver extremely fast, reliable and cost-efficient all-flash shared storage. They are designed for very demanding IT environments, which require extremely low latency and a high speed shared storage.

You receive a ready to use a bundle of hardware, software and all services, needed so you have fast & reliable storage service:

  • Tuned and tested hardware from Dell and software from StorPool
  • 3Yr hardware Warranty – Next Business Day and ProSupport with Next Business Day Onsite Service
  • 24/7 Enterprise-grade support on the StorPool software + SLA

All 3 starting storage systems consist of 3 storage servers.


The systems can grow seamlessly, by adding more servers to the Petabyte range!

Watch the webinar

If you have missed the webinar, you have to chance to watch it here and learn more about the pros behind the software-defined storage

Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage

Webinar by Intel and StorPool

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