The Art and Science Behind Fully Managed Services for Data Storage

In the world of internet technology, seamless operations are crucial, and StorPool Fully Managed Services offers a solution for you to provide the always-on operation your users and customers require. What makes this approach unique? Instead of the chaos of incident reports, response targets, patches, and updates of the typical break-fix support model, StorPool manages your storage proactively across all stages of your system lifecycle. We’re with you for the design stage, helping you choose hardware and network architecture. We deploy the software, fine-tune the system, and then maintain and monitor your cluster in production. Powerful analytics are the science that lets you and the StorPool experts work together to plan for future upgrades. The art is in the deep partnership between StorPool and customers that goes beyond typical break-fix support metrics to nurture every aspect of your system’s well-being.

A Day in the Life – StorPool Service Team

As the day begins, the StorPool team springs into action, prioritizing proactive problem-solving over mere troubleshooting. Scheduled upgrades are seamlessly executed to evolve StorPool clusters without disrupting customers’ operations.

But there’s more to the day than routine upgrades. StorPool proactively tackles issues, often detecting and addressing them before they can become a problem. This proactive stance extends to “vaccination,” eradicating potential problems across deployments to safeguard the entire fleet.

Midday brings collaboration as StorPool and customers expand clusters together, ensuring swift scalability without compromising stability. Innovation persists even after lunch, with the team dedicating time to research and staying ahead in delivering solutions.

The afternoon is marked by precision, from pinpointing performance slowdowns to orchestrating complex data migrations. StorPool’s expertise guides customers through every step, ensuring smooth transitions and optimized outcomes.

As the day ends, the focus shifts to fine-tuning and optimizing application performance through meticulous calibration of every aspect. Whether using StorPool as the back-end for web hosting, databases, desktop virtualization, or cloud-based virtual private servers, our experts will help you make all your services run seamlessly. And as night falls, the team remains vigilant, responding swiftly to critical alerts to ensure operational continuity. 

When the next day arrives, our team is ready to do it all over again.

The StorPool Commitment

In the realm of Fully Managed Services, StorPool’s commitment to excellence shines through proactive care and relentless innovation, redefining customer support. This approach empowers businesses to thrive by freeing them from the burden of becoming storage experts.

“Our customers don’t want to have to become storage experts”, said Vasil Kolev, Head of Support Operations, “they want to focus their efforts on their customers”

From initial design to ongoing maintenance, StorPool stands by its customers every step of the way, seamlessly orchestrating upgrades and patches to ensure continued success. With StorPool as your partner, you’re not just managing storage; you’re nurturing a relationship built on trust and unwavering support.

Our experience with StorPool has been outstanding,” said Imtiaz A Khan, CTO of RapidCompute. “We have saved substantial time managing operations and have experienced zero downtime. … the team we work with is very professional and goes the extra mile in addressing any concerns we have.” Read the full case study, RapidCompute Case Study

Learn more about StorPool’s Fully Managed Services here.

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