StorPool at ApacheCon: “The story of building our CloudStack storage integration”

ApacheCon is the annual conference about the Apache open source software and CloudStack community. It’s organized by the Apache Software Foundation. ApacheCon will be held in Montreal, Canada and this year is going to take place from September 24th-27th. Come and don’t miss StorPool’s session on the topic “The story of building our CloudStack storage integration”.

Apachecon 2018

StorPool at ApacheCon

Boyan_KrosnovAlong with the other great speakers, on Monday, 24th Sep, 14:40 the stage will take Boyan Krosnov, CPO at StorPool. His lecture will be on the topic: “The story of building our CloudStack storage integration“. He will talk about all the details around StorPool’s integration with CloudStack. He will also present the audience with further details regarding where it plugs, how it’s used, how easy the deployment is, and what’s interesting about the technology behind it.

The talk will be interesting for companies, who want to deploy a blazing fast storage solution for their public or private cloud. We will focus on how the great storage can help businesses accelerate their growth, increase the reliability and customer retention.

Meet StorPool 

We are waiting for you on September 24th in Montreal. Stop by the biggest Apache community event and learn loads about the latest innovations in containers, cloud, servers, DevOps, IoT, and much more.


StorPool operates at near 100% efficiency, delivering all the performance available from the underlying drives and network. Additionally, StorPool can grow without interruption and in incremental steps – one drive, one server and one network interface at a time. Except scalable, StorPool is also extremely flexible. It provides a higher flexibility than any other storage system out there. Not less important is the security StorPool offers. Redundancy is provided by multiple copies of the data, written synchronously across the cluster. There is a end-to-end data integrity, which makes the data completely secure.

More about ApacheCon

ApacheconThe Apache Con is a conference focused on developers (75% of the attendees) – Apache committers and other software developers, engineers, and architects, as well as users of the Apache software. Additionally, the event is a perfect opportunity for the attendees to learn about some of the newest technologies and projects and take part in shaping the future of open source and computing. The showcased technologies include HadoopCassandraApache SparkApache MesosBigTopCloudStackLucene, and Solr.

As per usual, the ApacheCon will be rich in notable speakers. This year the keynote speakers will be 4, including the Apache member and former board member Cliff Schmidt who will talk about the role of technologies in improving the quality of life of people in the third world countries.

We will be more than happy to meet you and discuss how we can help you eliminate your storage pains. Just write us at [email protected] and we will save you a slot! 

See you at ApacheCom on September 24th!


ApacheCon North America 2018

by Apache Software Foundation

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